Newspaper Heraklion News Issue 2


The last Heraklion News is

  1. Battle News
  2. Game
  3. Contest

Unfortunately I haven't got an interview yet so I just skipped that.

Battle News
Still no kills(as you would guess) so heres the defence and offence rankings.

PlayerOverall rankOverall pointsOffence rankOffence pointsDefence rankDefence points


There is a number, it is a 5 digit number, none of the numbers can be used twice. You will be told if you got any wr(right numbers in the wrong place) or rr(right numbers in the right place). Guess what it is and post in the comments. Here's a number line to help you


If it is agreed and it is true that a number cannot be in it will be crossed out.


Complete the game to recieve +rep(yeah I know, still lame)

Thats the end of this Issue.
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I don't understand the game.
sorry I forgot to put some of the things in it(it gets kinda tedious writing it).

Example is the number was 12345 and the person guessed 13456 they would have 1 right number in the right place(abbreviation rr) and they would have 3 right numbers in the wrong place(abbreviation wr) and they would be told that, the idea is to get the number.


I assume we have an unlimited amount of guesses

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super fast

there needs to be more content, there is nothing here i can read and form an opinion about. If you want a successful newpapers talk about things people can debate or discuss after

Thane Badger

From post 6

93412 = 4 rw

Yet post 12

59643 contains 3 of the same numbers and you say only 1 of them is a rw. That's impossible if 4 of the numbers in post 6 are correct then at least 2 in post 12 must be correct.

from post 7 and 8 .... The first number is 1, 2 of the other numbers are 9 and 0 the other 2 numbers are either 2 3 or 4
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