Competition Hermonassa PnP


The Comp
Hi there folks,
This is a nice and simple competition to see who in Hermonassa is a budding politician and can write the best PnP!
You will have 7 days to put together the best PnP that you can. See here for what a PnP is.

An example:!

  • Only one entry may be submitted per user.
  • Must be a new PnP written for this comp.
  • Entries must be PM’d to me.
  • Authors must remain anonymous until the voting stage is complete.
  • Advertisement of specific pieces or vote rigging of any nature is prohibited- This includes in-game!

How will it work?
Users have seven days to submit their entries. If there are too few entries - the competition will not go ahead with under three submissions - I will extend this period at my discretion. You will be informed in this case.
Once the submission phase is over, the entries will be put up for public voting. They will remain anonymous until the voting period is over! In the case of a tie, this period will either be extended or a new poll will be made, consisting of the tied entries only.

The reward:
The winner of the poll will receive: 300 rep point and congratulatory thread.

Competition Schedule:

Competition begins: Today
Voting Begins: 5/26/14
Result Announcement: 5/31/14


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You know, this congratulatory thread business doesn't really work out very well, does it? :p

Does the writer have to be playing Hermonassa? Because I could probably ask a few people I know who write excellent PnPs to do this, as I'm not sure if we'll have enough pieces otherwise... :/