Hermonassa World Predictions

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Anaxander 1st

Damn you guys :( . You made me left that ally . Why ? Simple because i told him if this is a MRA and he said what is that so...daaaaaamn again . I will be yolo on O45-55 :( . Thaaaaaanksie .


My prediction,
Since this is 400 member alliance world (geez) and do to its settings, industrial production of new worlds and the fact that worlds are less and less populated (also thanks to this hyper production of new worlds) many will quit when the heat starts and will move for new peaceful world, so in 5-6 mounts there will be one mega alliance and world will die of.

Innogames should announce 2 new worlds (revolt and conquest) and state after we open this worlds there will be no new for for like 4 mounts or something, that will make peps work hard if they want to survive, what I see now day is just bunch of spineless people that run away for war and fight and which will eventually make grepo a boring, unchallenging, uninteresting and monotone game.

Well this is just my prediction and my opinion.

Look at the last lot of worlds:
Apoll- August 5th
Byllis- August 28th
Cyth- November 4th
Dyme- November 16th
Eubea- December 13th
Gonnos- December 27th
Herm- Jan 3rd

They aren't really being released that quickly anymore. Only when the last one is full.

Not really sure what your point is now actually.


I'm going solo for now, but when I see a good alliance ( after two months have past) then ill decide what alliance I want to be in

Wayward Angel

I'm going solo for now, but when I see a good alliance ( after two months have past) then ill decide what alliance I want to be in

Two months? Will you even survive that long without an alliance?


Love how much sarcasm there is in here. Kanga Nation are an MRA, and therefore have no communication. We will easily kill off their alliance shortly after BP ends!

Anaxander 1st

Guys can you tell me if on O 45 - 55 will be something? I mean im there on the border between them and i wonder if i will have some fun or i need to conquer newbies and then to fly thousands and thousands of hours to get on the battleground ? :( Thanks :) !


Post your predictions here of what will happen in this noobish high capped speed 1 world.

Here's how it goes:
1. What players (including well known players) do you expect to see join the world?
2. What will happen during and after bp (beginner's protection)?
3. What kinds of alliances will dominate the rankings?
4. What kinds of pacts will form?
5. Which alliances will dominate which oceans?
6. Do you think this world will last?
7. If you said yes to 6 then what will happen during wonders?

1)I have seen a bunch of other Worlds.. Seems to be a vast group of players from many different worlds. Also a bunch of noob.
2)Everyone on my Island who is not flying my banner will become a Farm.
3)MRA's will dominate the ranking and scoreboard. But that means nothing
4)I hate pacts
5)I have no idea, and Don't care about other alliance. (E.o.D) will control everything South of O55 all the way to the Rim.
6) Yes.. Just need more than 400 active members.
7)I will be sending resources to our WW islands...


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