Hero Bug

Hi, I'm a little bit confused here perhaps you can help me. I've posted this in the gameplay questions section but I think the chances of this issue being a bug is quite high.

I've run the simulator with two heroes in defence. Compared their effectiveness. Alexandrios vs Agamemnon.

Here is the issue:

In the case of 3000 Hoplites Attacking 1000 archers. No walls. Nothing else.

With Agamemnon as defence, %20 more defence values for archers. 1718 Hoplites dies.

With Alexandrios as defence, %25 more defence values for archers. 1406 Hoplites dies.

There is something here that is not working as intended. Since Alexandrios gives %5 more defence to archers, more hoplites should die compared to Agamemnon.

But for some reason, despite having more defence value with Alexandrios and having only archers as defence, enemy loses 'less' units compared to defending with Agamemnon.

How can Agamemnon be more efficient with %5 Less defence value compared to Alexandrios?
Even in terms of regular defence values, Alexandrios beats Agamemnon in defence. 520 Sharp Defence vs 160 Sharp Defence at Level 10.