Herro? Anyvody dere?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EnasEllinas, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    Hey gang it has been awful quite lately.

    Ye be plotting?

    Ye be schemin?

    Ye be sleepin?

    Come on where is the chatter? WHERE is everyone? Lozza? Jenn? Lane? QCI?
  2. najimur

    najimur Guest

    we be killing.

    nahh. i think they're shopping for everyone's Christmas presents. its gonna be a nice treat for us all :)

    ty lozza! weloveyousomuch
  3. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    Shhhhhhhh. Trying to sleep! Sheesh!
  4. apollo026

    apollo026 Guest

    Sleeping for sure
  5. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    sorry to much toilet dashing not feeling the best.

    What about you enas you done anything that makes you happy recently?
  6. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    The answer to that is a "yes"

    My wife and I are expecting... Ha I will "god willing" now have 2 healthy vibrant kids terrorizing my humble abode!
  7. nightfire25

    nightfire25 Guest

    congrats enas.
    good luck
  8. Lane

    Lane Guest

    I'm here..Just been lurking lately..Hope everyone is doing good.. :)

    QCI get to feeling better ! :)
  9. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    Congratz, that's great to hear

    when they get to about 3 they are great at messing up your grepo life. Timing is just awsome when you hear daddddyyyyy can i get a cuddle.
  10. Congratulations Enas, My best friend just had a wee baby girl a couple weeks ago and she's had to drop being on her online game. Wasn't grepolis though :p

    Have you guys been collecting the advents?
  11. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    Not at all, 300 of each resource or 5 slingers??? , am sure like most people the time it takes to locate the advents you could get double the amount of resources farming (which i no longer do) or hitting bad guys.

    Maybe when we get closer to the end we will as last year admin was pretty good for non gold users.
  12. najimur

    najimur Guest

    advents? omg i might go on :p
  13. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Pfft. I don't collect those things. They aren't worth my time .. :p
  14. Onoquoy

    Onoquoy Guest

    Think most of us be in the same boat, day by day finding a reason not to hit the ghost button. Iota has been fought, and has been conquered.

    Nobody fights back, no challenge, i know you guys in phenomenon have found some sparks of resistance up there, we snuffed out those our side of the world a long time ago.
  15. Pfft, what happened to your competitive spirit? These kind of threads appear every 3months or so but there are great big spurts of activity in Iota from what i can see.

    Here's an idea....seeing as Evolution split and there are new alliances about, how about some of you 'old dogs' become champions for smaller alliances? Pick an alliance of small membership (players under 2k points even) and champion their cause, shielding them from harm and taking up their noble cause in the world of Iota?
  16. Lane

    Lane Guest

    I agree, Onoquoy..
  17. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    how about we do the father thing and tell them its time for them to stand on there own 2 feet lol
  18. BaneBR

    BaneBR Guest

    Start taking cities from those top players and you will find a lot o "fun" ^^
    That is the way for you be attacked, get cities at front line is good way too or at the middle of enemy territory.

    The goals are diferent at this new version and we are far from conquest iota.
    Some old players is stop playing and some other merging at other alliances with new goals...
    New challenges are coming. It is not the end it is just a new beginning.
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  19. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    Thanks all for your wishes.

    In my household we are actully very excited... lol and a bit hectic. This was planned of course, it was time for child #2 to come.

    Again thanks for the congratz!
  20. The community dying, the forced updates, and the fact that the real challenge ended months ago forced "the spirit" to move on. Time to enjoy the afterlife.

    Where are you playing? I've had to slip alliance members no-doze to keep us from passing out. Spurts of activity? I guess you should specify that the activity is in a DOWNWARD, ending type motion not an upward, new fun type movement... However I hope that now some "soso" players step up to the plate now that nobody in standing in their way.

    ... or got bored of waiting for something to happen? Whats the point of owning a huge slice of nothing?

    OOOOooo you mean try and get more people hooked on grepolis because the ones that are currently playing have found that after you've gotten to X size you really can't be defeated, and once you kill you enemies you're stuck playing sim city? No thanks. I'll let them figure that out on their own, at least that way they'll play for a few months before doing as most others have done and quit or shifted to a world with a challenge... and with the community also starting to dry up it kills the only other part of Grepolis innogames hasn't jacked up yet...

    But I'm sure give them time and the forums will be "upgraded" or killed as well because :pro:

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