History of Inception

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History of Inception
Hello I am Todas the Founder of Inception an alliance Found in the Rim in Ocean 66 in the world of Lambada and Reached the Top 12 of Lambada :cool:
BY THE WAY TONS TO READ this is just a summary i bet i forgot tons of other stuff

The Beginning​
The founding of Inception was not like any others Inception was first named Templar Order(not to creative i know:eek:) during the time Templar Order was growing in numbers we had only one Ally (Shocking I know :eek:) that that was the Blood Hounds they where are first ally when i Started the tribe me and there Founder where the same and wanted to become the strongest tribe out there so we became close allies over time.

The Boring Stuff​
Then as we grew I could no longer run the Templar Order by my self so i began to see players that i felt could help me run the tribe for the better so gave privileges to select few players that i saw where active and had past experience one of this player's being Lord Fussy as my co-Leader with other players making the council but as we grew i made Joebritto Co-leader as i feared that me or Lord Fussy could not run the tribe he would take over the tribe.
The tribe was set and we started to Expand only in Ocean 66 as we grew so did our allies as well in ocean 66 and Ocean 65 with there mass recruiting in this 2 oceans they surpassed in points and players but they lacked a strong Leadership as the Founder of Blood Hound began to post less and less in the forums i knew that that New leadership would take over Blood Hounds but my Fears of War with my allies Disappeared when there council asked for stronger relationship to become a family or even merger (failed bad there side would not even Post on the issue) so with that out of the way i held a contest in which players could have given me name to name the tribe after all the names where taken i held and a poll and the people VOTED to name our Alliance INCEPTION

so then we faced a serious problem we had run out of room to expand in ocean 66 we it was time to go to war So i elected a War General an Un experienced player named Lardo 12 as our old war General gave up his job and became a council members so with our New War General we began to look at our choices and we found our target with us being allies with most of Ocean 66 we had to end one of alliance so with everyone on Bored We began to get ready for war against the Brothers of ANA (forgot there name pretty sure it was something like that) so with the date reached people began to launch there attacks but with Me(todas),Lord Fussy,Joebritto not logging on the time that was set (i logged in 1 hr after the attacks where sent) we had forgotten to end our Alliance with Bothers of ANA 2 hours before the attacks where to be launched We issued a mass mail to all there members letting them know what had happened and that War had been Declared but only after 7 city's taken there Leader Nitro the Great disband and issued this to Me that he was going to take me out not matter what the cost (never kept his word)
so with this war one we took in players that where not under attack by any members of Inception so with this war one we became ranked 1 with only our Close Allies Blood hounds in close 2 nd

Academy issues​
with our Numbers Growing i decide to talk to a tribe by the name of Taurus (later to be know Taurus Inception) to become our academy with the council permission i started to talk then they became our first Academy thou it did not last with the leadership became inactive and there was none in the tribe with privileges to kick out the leaders i was forced to message all the players to leave and wait until i left Inception and Created a new tribe Name Inception Academy so with this scare over we began to take out any villages in Ocean 66 with the consent rate of attacking any Alliance that where not our Allies i began to worry that the small tribes would form a coalition against us INCEPTION I began to contact tribes to see if they would merge into Inception Academy since we had few members there only few small Alliance agreed but a tribe named Space Invaders did not agree so with our members wanting war i decided to get ready to got war and this time i sent a message to all there members that war had been declared but all the members wanted to merge into us but there leaders did not want to hear so the leaders disband and we took in those member we saw fit and then after this we took in another tribe to become our sub academy but that was short lived as one of the leader left the other one did not like Inception so he end becoming or sub Alliance so i messaged the members in the ex academy of what had happened so we took in all those members that wanted to join then we faced a time of peace

Peace Short Lived​
So with our Main Allies Blood Hounds they started to face the once tribe named The 9th Legion so war starting to brew as Blood Hounds allies it was natural to side with but i talked with my Council on what where our option then after posting this i got a message from there Head Diplomat if we wanted to go to war with Blood Hounds we refused but i had a better idea taking in all the members of Blood Hounds into Inception and by taking there academy as well so no members that did not want to fight could be placed in Blood Hound Academy i brought this to the Head Diplomat of 9 Th legion and they agreed but all that they wanted where the Council Members of Blood hounds only there villages in ocean 65. with this agreed we i began to put this into motion Blood hounds had only those Loyal to Blood Hounds (My bad they where all inactive) expect for the leaders with there Blood Hounds at war and there academy no longer part of there family i offered them a place in Inception but they refused saying they wanted to start as a new tribe which i agreed then after few months they requested to be part of Inception which i agreed out of respect for the Founder which was a good friend of mine so with Blood Hounds changing there Name we saw our chance WAR it was a hard choice to make since some of the council members where friends but with 9th taking most of ocean 65 we had no other choice but to secure our border with them we take them out with ease.

With constant attacks from Infectious taking city's on the border of Ocean 66 and 56 and with our new members war looked like war was at our doors but with the council in favor of just defending members that we took in from Blood Hound defected and joined and then War was Declared after weeks of war i forced to quit due to some issues so i quit then after months i came back and took over another account that was given to me by friends that was going to leave so i came back and Found Inception on the verge of defeat with my return a member that i placed in charge of Inception along with couple members Sheldon Trainers defected to Infectious with players losing citys i contacted the leadership of infectious Family and Surrender with this surrender INCEPTION WAS NO MORE BUT WE BECAME INFECTIOUS VIRUS

INCEPTION WAS A TRIBE FOUND WITH NO DIRECTION BUT FOUNDS IT WAY INTO THE TOP 12 of Lambada and took on Infectious Family and lasted more then expected so with this I leave you the story of Inception


Yea just cause he was not in Inception when we joined the infectious family


yeah Lambda is a great world but then IS make it a boring world...



aint that always the truth lol IS is looking for a challenge? How bout a civil war within them or some kind of arena tournament lol