History of Omicron


I have been in this world since the first or second day which is too long to give a detailed account so here r the highlights.

Joined TU within my 2nd day here and became a council member shortly there after, and eventually became founder when Murt had to leave for a bit. My time as founder was probably the most stressful time for me during this game.

The three best things I ever did as founder for for TU: 1) started new council (RTL, BLI, Klifford, The Rawr, Silent X, Loempia) - these guys helped save TU at a time when moral was low and the war with BS had stalled 2) Invited Valheru.ro to join TU - This was more of just being in the right place at the right time as we had been PMing eachother about a cease fire when one day he told me he was leaving BS so I invited him right away. Lynx and DOW/DOWE tried to claim him as a refugee but we told them to pound sand. This also led to an eventual cease fire with BS, then are eventual friendship, and now i am proud be their brother; 3) Deciding to step down as founder and making RTL and Klifford founders. Those two guys instantly motivated the the troops and and started TU on a rampage of destruction that never stopped and it finally allowed me to enjoy the game.

I have had three main conquering partners in this game 1) Zenagenda together we started the war with BS (I think we took the first 2 cities by TU) and he taught me it is ok to lose all ur troops helping a friend because he will do the same for u; 2) Loempia - was royal pain in my as founder but when it was time to take a city i could all ways count on him; 3) Valheru.ro taught me things about attacking that i never would have known if not for him - together we have each spent sleepless nights helping each other - I would lose every troop and city I have helping him and I think he would do likewise.

Three biggest enemies - 1) Valheru.ro - I used to dream about waking up to find him attacking me; 2) Tizzidaddyman - I have never got a city form; 3) Aksak Timur - I have taken cities from him but he has also bested me numerous times. - Honorable mention - KronosIII and Ioan. Voicu (SP?).

I must thank, Murt, RTL, Rmoller, Valheru.ro, JTS, Bodnapa, CB, Avera, Blondyna, Tumaximus, and Doolce (there r many more I could put here but I am trying to be short)- for their help and friendship in and out this game.
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Highlights of my Omicron Time

I joined this world in late march 2011. I started off in an alliance named WE ARE SPARTA. After a few days, the alliance broke up and I joined The Spartan Army III, which I stayed in until May. After leaving that alliance for an alliance named WE ARE TROJANS, I soon merged it into Alpha Omega League (AOL). Our co - founder left for DFS and then we declared war. We fought the war from July 10th until the time AOL disbanded on August 9th. After that, I joined Greek Empire Academy (GEA) on August 12th. The Greek Empire (GE)alliances got into their first big war around Mid - September when they declared war on Brotherhood of Justice (BOJ) and Brotherhood of Honor (BOH). The war was short and BOJ and BOH merged into Greek Empire alliances and formed Greek Empire Spartans (GES).

(SW) After that war was over, GE started to attack Spartan Gods (SG). GE started to gain an edge in what was now a war. Spartan Gods attacked itself and conquered its own cities, giving GE an edge over SG. SG would continue to do so, pouring troops into conquering itself. SG disbanded on 12 January 2012 at 11:06:58 gmt +1, after a crash-and-burn ending after losing 16 cities straight to crimson tide after conquering itself six times straight.

(SW) GE would soon disband, and I left on January 27, 2012 before this occurred. GE waned out until it then disbanded on Febuary 22, 2012. After nearly a month of leaving GE and trying to find an alliance, I found Sons of Ares which is what alliance I'm in today.