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You folks are still trying to play this dead world?? Talk about chewing a dry bone,, you must be bored to death with all the simming.

I'll check back in another 3 months. * yawn*


You folks are still trying to play this dead world?? Talk about chewing a dry bone,, you must be bored to death with all the simming.

I'll check back in another 3 months. * yawn*
Not everybody is like you and your "ghost buddies", some people actually play this game for fun and don't ghost over losing a war. You should be happy there's still people on grepo who have the respect towards their team, and towards their enemies to simply play till the end. A kind of respect you guys clearly did not have.


You folks are still trying to play this dead world?? Talk about chewing a dry bone,, you must be bored to death with all the simming.

I'll check back in another 3 months. * yawn*
We actually like to finish what we started. And you're wrong when you say we're bored to death. This game is always interesting when there's a war for you to fight.


Y'all asked for it:

The beginning of No Rules is rooted in the end of Extraordinary Gentlemen, one of the first top alliances in Troy. Extraordinary Gentlemen was viewed as a “pro” alliance, but was very shaky due primarily to leadership issues. Once EG got into a war with Death’s Measure; behind the scene talks of a merger began between the founders. The deal was brought to EG’s council and once voted on brought to the members. Because of the shady nature of this deal, it was a very polarizing decision. Many members including most of the council went through with the merger. Many members stayed behind, not wanting to join the enemy and working to try and revive EG. 1 member Muwatalli, after abstaining from the council vote on the merger, decided to start a brand new alliance with a previously unaligned player – Conquer01, and thus NR was born. Many of the early players into NR were either from EG or in small alliances by themselves. The fall of EG was almost purely political, from half-lies about allies and over-exaggerations about EG losing it’s war, DM was able to undermine an alliance many believed to be the top in the server. Because of this NR’s founders decided to make their alliance one A) which didn’t play with the politics of Grepolis, B) in which members did not rely on each other for everything, but instead each player ran their own kingdom as they saw fit and C) which did not have rules dictating how your individual game was played, and who you could attack, support, or conquer.

When NR first started out we were in a shaky position, we were centered in the core of the world, but spread largely through O44 and O55. Because of our nature we had no allies and many of us were recovering from our fight with Death’s Measure. One important point that I think really helped our early survival was a conversation I heard about much later on that happened in Death’s Measure’s council, in which the founder said he didn’t want to fight us right away, he wanted to see what we did. This short period gave us the time to rebuild, recruit and recover some ex-teammates that had joined Death’s Measure. Once we felt solid war was declared.

The DM war was quick but extremely pivotal. After 1 op DM was on the defensive, and within 2 weeks they were finished. This war was really what set NR on a course for success, to quickly take down the #2 alliance in the world set us up for future success and started the rumors of us being undefeatable.

During the Death’s Measure war, the #1 alliance at the time Irish War Wolves, was having leadership problems. Their initial founder quit and handed the alliance over to a founder of another alliance, who proceeded to ruin what was given him. Most of the major members jumped ship, starting with the O64 crew, who later became TNE. With the rapid influx of players from both IWW and the collapsing DM along with other recruits NR decided to set up an academy. The academy mostly consisted of O54 players who had come from IWW and was led by an ex-IWW player, Ceasareth. With DM’s fall we began fighting the failing IWW, which changed it’s name to The Betrayed, along with a slew of other alliances including Skullduggery, Ex0dus Kings, Rogue Shadow, 24th Legion and ISIS Conquerors (who I believe at the time were a smaller alliance, atleast I don’t remember them being major). Many of these wars were minor in nature and were what I call No Rules fights in that war was never officially declared, ops were never planned and cities were taken individually and at will.

Our next true war occurred when the leader of NR 2, our academy, revolted and took control and declared they were no longer an academy, changing their name to Ile Baselisk. Soon after this they sided against us with our enemies and planned a war. After a single op NR took out the newly formed Ile Baselisk and the responsible leaders quit, with many players rejoining NR. It was around this time that TNE left us the first time to play on their own, on friendly terms with us.

Soon after the Ile Baselisk war NR began fighting what I view as our biggest enemy, Hyperborea. The Hyperborea war was a different beast than we had previously faced. From the start we were ill positioned, with very few cities along the front and Hyper played a very specific style which gave them an extremely dense, defensive core. NR players began migrating from the core to fight this new enemy and it became what I view as our longest continuous war to date.

Around this same time NR was hit with a series of player loses, some major players, especially in O55 quit which led to a major power vacuum in O55, that was slowly and quietly used by ISIS and Hyper to grow closer to our core.

The extremely tough war coupled with the loss of key members is what I think led to some major changes in the structure of NR. Firstly we started diplomacy with our first unofficial ally: Kingdom Eternal, who were also fighting Hyper. Second we began fighting in a more structured, hierarchical way, with true leaders for the first time.

At some point many alliances, including 24th legion, Skullduggery, Redwood Originals and Rogue Shadow, merged to form Gaugamela, controlling half of O44 and O54 along with some territory further west. Then ISIS began to be noticed and war was officially declared at some point, giving us a continuous war front from O44 down through O45 and back up through O55. It was also around this time that Monsters Inc was forming through the merging of many alliances in the north. MI was around for a while before they jumped on the bandwagon and declared war on NR. This is around what I’d call NR’s low point, we were fighting almost every other alliance in the top 7, our only ally – Kingdom Eternal – had fallen to Hyperborea and our combined enemies were able to pull a few very successful ops on us.

This low point was turned around after a while when we gained an ally against Gaugamel in Killer AntraX. And merged with TNE to help fight MI. Gaugamela eventually fell when one of their leaders, Dirt Napper, ghosted randomly and they began falling apart. Many players quit, some joined Hyperborea, and some left for a rim alliance, Thermal Resistance. The O44 Gaugamela players, who were once 24th Legion, followed SFHITman and joined NR. This gave NR control of O44 and left a vacuum in O45.

The collapse of Gaugamela made the fight more even. Soon TNE was reformed when those NR players once again split, and it was NR, TNE and KA vs ISIS, MI and Hyper. A very evenly split fight. ISIS grew on our continued inactive problem in O55. The Hyper war was a stalemate for months and the MI fight was pretty even for both sides.

This went on for months, but through persistence and some inactivity from MI, NR was able to focus on ISIS for a while and cause so much pressure that their main members ghosted, followed closely behind by Hyper. Then soon after MI fell apart.

ISIS and Hyper quit in an effort to ruin this world for those of us that were determined to continue, and everyone knew it. There was real talk for a few days of what we would do with no real enemy left until Lep decided to throw that out the door and attack NR causing the current NR vs. TNE war.

And that’s the history of NR/Troy as well as I can remember. Some of the events may be slightly out of order and I may have missed a few things, particularly what happened up north, surrounding the creation of MI and the start of the war there. Sorry it was so very long, but NR’s history spans almost the whole history of Troy and included in this is the history of many long gone alliances like Gaugamela. Hope y’all enjoyed :)


knew you couldn't resist sable:p

a couple of interesting questions for everyone

if KA hadn't became NR's ally and instead had become part of ISIS, MI, Hyper etc. would NR have fallen?

if so would it have been better for troy?

what would have happened if the ghosting hadn't happened?

would the NR concept work on other worlds?


Uhh some good questions. I don't know about KA, because I'm really fuzzy on the timing of things. But I'd say without NR Troy would have been probably more boring, for a long time we were the only ones playing offensively at all.
The ghosting just sped up what was soon going to happen, ISIS wasn't strong enough to last, and MI and Hyper would have eventually fallen without them.
I've thought about the NR concept in other worlds before and I'd say that if you kept to it completely it couldn't work, I think there was a lot of chance with it working for as long as it did in Troy and eve with how well we did there, we couldn't stick with it forever.

Conqueror II

Time to give some credit when it's due.

After hopping a few worlds and ended up in Paros, i have to say No Rules have been the toughest opponent i've ever faced. It's also one of the 2 best alliance, with the other being Hateocracy from Calydon. While the quality of No Rules now is not nearly as good as how it was, it's able to maintain their top spot from effective Ops and good diplomacy.

I know many hate and despise how IC and HB left, but the reason we left is because there is simply no reason to carry on.
1. With MI's downfall, TNE got much stronger.
2. HB and IC have been plagued by inactivity as is other alliances. IC have been doing good hiding it, but when MI fell, we simply don't stand any chance against both TNE and NR at the same time. At that point of time, TNE is larger than IC, and NR is 2x of IC.
3. TR is really pretty much a joke ever since nodviks left.

We have inactive green as big as 600k, and a many others who are 300k and 400k. Almost all players smaller than 200k are inactives. Many of us hate to come online, and it's worst when we see that we lost cities after cities, which many are unreported. We also have many trips that went off, which we sent thousands of birms and LDU as blind support, and these players either didn't give a proper update, if they even bothered to do so.

I'm sure we all agree that we play to have fun. It was no longer fun.
We needed a break and a fresh start, and hence the ghosting happened.


Thanks for being mature about it Conqueror, I don't think anyone is mad because y'all quit because the world was boring, but it was the manner in which it was done. Before you guys ghosted you talked about it for a week, telling everyone, then essentially help Troy hostage demanding TNE betray us, then you made such a big deal about it causing way more players to quit in what seemed like an effort to kill Troy for everyone who was intent on staying. It was done more like, "if we can't win, we'll make sure no one can". Rather than a case of the top players getting bored and leaving the world.

Conqueror II

I'm pretty free now and feel like telling some stories, so here goes the rough history of ISIS Conquerors.

Firstly, ISIS Conquerors weren't noticed until much later in the game because it's a merger between 2 small alliances, ISIS Madness and The Conquerors.

I was originally in ISIS and so I'm not good with the history of TC. ISIS was formed by a group of 6/7 friends from Byzantium, a world which they eventually won. They joined the rim at o66 and through a series of war, mergers and pacts, took over o66, and was looking to move into o56, which was dominated by NR at that time.

We had a pact with The Conquerors since early in Troy, but communication between the 2 have been almost non-existence as there was not much common interest. The pact was made simply because we both want to remove a war front.

Our first move in o56 was to form a pact with Hyper, and launched our attacks on the #2 alliance in o56, FATE. It was pretty easy and we gained some grounds to help position ourselves to fight NR eventually, as they were pretty much cut off from NR's core. Then one day, NR hit one of our cities for BP hunt and our biggest player, rudolfis, took 2 inactive NR's player's, AshieaS2, cities, and it prompted NR and FATE to work together. I know that there wasn't any official pact made, but their cooperation there are extensive, and it includes joint Ops, city trading, and defensive support, with Wadell eventually joining NR.

After a few successful Op against FATE, NR-FATE counter attacked, and as it was the first time we were attacked, many of our members, who were new to the game, weren't sure of how to defend efficiently and effectively, with over supporting the first reported revolted city as the main problem, and we lost a few cities back to NR to even things up. This will go on for weeks, with no side gaining advantage.

Next, let's talk about Victores. Victores(VV) have always been a sister alliance to TC. Early in Troy, TC was constantly attacked by IWW, EG, DM and NR. In order to survive, they split themselves into 2 alliance, with those in o65 forming VV, so that the group will be able to grow quietly. As weird as it sounds, it proved to be effective and VV slowly gained control of o65, poised for an eventual war with TNE.

Back to ISIS. After weeks of stalemate in o56, ISIS was already affected by inactivity and so i contacted liteshadoe to discuss a potential merge between the 2 to increase our active count, and thus ISIS Conquerors was formed. VV was left out due to alliance cap, and the fact that the majority of Troy still didn't know the r/s between VV and TC, which proved to be helpful.

Fast forward, the coalition was formed, with NR's top player in o56 ghosting, the rest of their players in o56 didn't put up much resistance and we took over o56. Just when we are about to Op FATE, TR, still a pretty good alliance, took them in, giving Wadell the opportunity to move north into NR's core. Taking over o56 and having the NAP with TR eventually proved to be the biggest mistake IC made as almost all of our major players in o56 went inactive due to pure boredom.

Spetsnaz merged into VV, and we had our first joint Op with MI, TE, RO, Gauga against NR. After a series of Op, VV slowly took over most of o65, TE and MI pushed into o64 and o54. Things are looking good for the coalition. Then Spetsnaz' leader went VM and never came back, resulting in Spetsnaz player slowly keep to themselves. Their only private forum not shared with IC, also didn't help as they feel that VV is hiding something from IC, a forum which a few of us insisted on taking down, but was never done.

NR started to focus their attacks on AO, AO fell, and their members joined NR, HB, and IC.
As KA have been a pest to RO and Gauga, there were plans of MI, RO and Gauga to focus their attacks on KA to take them out, but other then MI providing Gauga perm support, nothing else was done.

Then came the HB-TR conflict. TR have been neutral and have informed all parties involved that they will remain neutral until someone pushes them to their enemy. This carried on for weeks, and eventually, RO, Gauga and TR decides to merge, a move which, at that point of time, looked like it was done against HB.

Then came a few more Ops, with TE, MI, and VV gaining ground in o65, and stalemate everywhere else. Dirt Napper ghosted (for those who still didn't know, the original Gauga members have been turtles and never helped in offensive Ops or defensive support. The only ones fighting are mainly those from RO, and some from Gauga.), SFHITMAN joined NR, and Gauga disbanded. TR was formed once again, and nord left the game, the start of TR's downfall.

A few from TE left and formed RR, and thus the civil war started, with RR joining TNE, and TE joining MI eventually.
Spetsnaz members left VV and joined TNE.

More inactivity throughout Troy. IC took advantage of NR's inactive in o55, taking cities after cities to position themselves. (I admit, we took many inactive cities from NR) VV merged into IC, and IC continued their dominance in o65. (TNE's cities that we took are mainly active players)

Inactivity start to get worst for IC, and we started losing cities in o65.
MI collapsed, with many of their members joining TNE, some joining NR, and the rest forming a new alliance.
More and more inactivity in IC, and we started losing cities in o55 as well.

At this point of time, it's really only NR/TNE vs IC/HB. As we were vastly outnumbered, and we no longer find it fun, we decide to quit Troy. The inactivity was so serious that out of almost 150 IC and HB players, less than 20 are active.

We told the other alliance, and of course, with the intention of killing this world, asking them to leave as well.
We ghosted, end of story. :)


To answer the KA question.

KA an KK worked together. KK was allied with the Legion of Troy, my alliance at the time. KK wanted to fight the Warriors of Erebus in Ocean 34. The pact between KK and LoT began to crumble, and eventually they were at war with each other. LoT began to crumble due to poor leadership. LoT decided to merge with WoE in order to fight KK but when they disbanded, the merger failed as KA sought to invite LoT members as well hence how I joined KA. The small war continued until WoE fell apart and their members became the Marines.

KA and KK saw the threat of the Redwood Originals entering ocean 34. So KA merged the Marines along with other small regional alliances into theirs in order to take Ocean 34. RO was allied with the 24th and eventually merged to form Gaugamela. Redwood Originals was tougher and larger. KA & KK were trying and struggling to defend. We were at war with Gaugamela and with our ally NR, we managed to hold our ground.

Therefore it was highly unlikely for KA to ever attack NR for we were enemies with NR's enemies. The common enemies made us allies in the long run.


Great hx of NR sablestag. Pretty much a history of most of Troy.