Holiday Grepo-Pets Voting Thread!

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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Entry 18 got removed because it was a previously existing picture that they stole and used. Had nothing to do with the fact there was more than just a pet in the image.


I feel like all the cats are giving me a very evil stare.. :heh:

Archon of Corinth

This just in. The Mods have rounded up 3 suspects in the "Entry No 18 Krimble Pets Caper" and are gonner run a line up parade.

Hey maybe we should run a poll on this? ;)
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Hasan Naqvi

Pet implies an animal and a nutcracker is not an animal or even a living being. So regardless of the vagueness of the rules I'm choosing to ignore your attempt to use a loophole.
Hey my rock was alive to me! :supermad:

I actually couldn't care less just in case my sarcasm isn't seen
He is not the only one.

You all might take into consideration the fact, that living pets are hard to care for, and some people are just too clever for you.

Someone sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks and became a millionaire.

Archon of Corinth

^^ First the fake pet Entry N0 18 and now...

...Fake rock. Guys don't you think that you are being a tad too competitive here? :p


Even though today she's a reindeer she's still very happy and grateful to have won and test the world this weekend