Pharae has been relatively quiet this past week as Hug This does "who knows what" and True Fear swaps O55 cities with its new recruits and rock cities with its second team who won't make domination... while both teams scramble to take inactives in O55. With True Fear and NoName supporting each other and TF's Merc absorption, True Fear's size has grown considerably.

Action picked up this weekend, so we had our news crew out taking photos around the world. Since we recognize that written news can be biased by the perspective of the author, we thought it best to let the pictures tell the story. (Some will tell me picture choice can be biased, and since our news crew clearly gathered the pictures they personally found most newsworthy, those people are welcome to share their own stat site photos from this past weekend.)

The weekend kicked off with a True Fear OP on Hug This player Fenrios.

Pictured Left to Right: ABP vs DBP 7 Hours into TF OP
Not Pictured: Hundreds of Jameslongst spam attacks on Fenrios and inappropriate PMs

Pictured Below: Hug This Revolt Tab 7 Hours into TF OP

Pictured Below: A Cricket

Pictured Below: First City Take After TF OP and Jameslongst Spam Commences on Fenrios (wait, that looks backwards? who is being OPd, I don't understand...)

Pictured Below: Oracle Stats 24 hours in to TF OP, after HT OP Commences

Pictured Top to Bottom: Mumbai leaving during Hug This CS landing so it wouldn't show as True Fear city loss, then going back home (At 10:15 grepolife picks up the city loss and the alliance drop in its hourly update, all at the same time, but our eager reporters caught the actual moment of departure on film!)
Editor's Note: Mumbai and some other True Fear players golded walls and more this weekend. The Hugs patent on gold must have expired.

Pictured Below: True Fear vs Hug This City and Player Counts
Editor's Note: Some argue that since TF and NN share defense and are working closely together, this should include NN, so both stats are shown below.

Pictured Below: Summary of The Stats for the Weekend So Far
Editor's Note: Editor doctored the city takes to include Mumbai city loss as "True Fear" loss, since he rejoined moments after its take

Pictured Below: Summary of Fenrios Stats for the 24 Hour Period - over 200K DBP! And two city takes!
Editor's Note: Fenrios did in fact gold a few walls, and stayed up much longer than some think is humanly possible. This news crew still thinks it took some all-around skill and effort to deflect so many attacks and take two cities at the same time. Kudos to Fenrios on his work this weekend.

One can only wonder what Sunday might bring...