Discussion how can you tell if someone has multiple accounts?


I have someone on my island thats questionable. they are right next to each other for quick resource moves. the only two people in their alliance. they both have the same three numbers at the end of their name-082(have saw this with other teams of online games but not here). both cities are almost the same size and are growing at the same rate and one doesnt grow if the other doesnt. one seems to be able to react as soon as something happens to the other. maybe im being paranoid but i dont think its anymore clearcut than that.

you would think that this could be resolved with a simple IP filter. if two people login with the same IP... hmm maybe they have multple accounts.

I can see where this could be a major problem. Why develop a balanced army when you can have an offensive and defensive. kinda discouraging.


I've never had it happen, but you can talk to a mod ingame and they'll check it out, a support ticket or something?


as a player there is no sure-fire way for you to tell, but then there wouldn't be anything you could do about it as a player either :p

if you open a support ticket under 'breach of rules' and name the players you suspect then the IGM for your world CAN tell for sure and WILL do something about it [noparse]>:D[/noparse]


You yourself can't. But a SIGM or Giant can. Pyth is it okay if I explain the IP way of finding out?

What happens is every internet connection has what techies call an IP address or Internet Protocol Address. Each PC makes its own IP. Even if you have the same connection between two PC's. Which is why it can be harder than you think. However if someone is silly enough to use two accounts on the same PC then 2 of the same IP= instant multi accounter. That's the easy way. That or you can monitor login and log out times which should tell you.
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Some ways of spotting multi-accounters:

Same names, same login times, same grammar and spelling when you message them, if you attack A and B sends defense or vice-versa, etc... finding similarities is one method, it is never 100% accurate, sometimes you do genuinely get players who share the same names, or live in the same house under a shared connection and thus are in the same alliance.

As Pythagorus pointed out, if you report a player you suspect, they will find out more for certain if they are.


Lol I had someone who was in my alliance who got banned for multi accounting, I knew because he told me lol.


Time to revive this since a friend of mine wanted an answer to this. Inno knows by the player's IP address and their internet id also.