Newspaper How Low Will You Go.....?

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I wonder if the changing face of players of this game mirrors real life.....??.....I do hope not.

I have played this game for a number of years now, been in many alliances both good and bad.
I have also seen my fair share of dishonorable and nasty alliances......
But seems Nameless Faction have reached a new low....

My alliance at the time Redemption was being attacked by Nameless Faction we were 2-1 up in cities taken, when as leader I had to announce to my Redemption members that I had activated VM as I was going into hospital for cancer surgery.
That was a signal for a NF spy in a leadership role to kick every member and all but disband the alliance.
Not only that but whilst in hospital and before VM kicked in, they launched mass spying on all my cities. Two of their members Heskil11 and Caiden902 even took 2 of my cities, whilst I lay on the surgeons table battling cancer.

It seems the only way they could take my cities....

The ironic thing is Heskil11 had previously asked me not to attack his alliance members based on the East coast of USA during the Sandy hurricane incident.
With honour between gamers I immediately issued an order the attacks should stop.

Seems it is one rule for us and another for them.

This is a game after all. We all have real lives, and maybe I'm wrong but where is the fun and enjoyment in taking cities when you know full well, the owner has a real life crisis and cannot defend themselves...

Had it been a holiday...fair enough....but come on guys I had Cancer surgery and now having Chemo, are you really that sad and desparate.

Personally I love to see everyone gang up and take these player and those like it out the game or continually farm them.

For me whether we are friends or enemies, we are all fellow gamers and we should have some form of code to play by.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.