How not to have the whole world after you?


I know nod would have been a better person to write this guide, but let me give it a try.

Well, here's what you have to do:

1) Enter into a pact with an alliance, only if you can respect the other party no matter their size/strength

2) Do not enter into a pact with an alliance that you intend to attack in a week or so

3) Never ever under-estimate the ability of an alliance, based on their numbers/size

4) Stop making and breaking pacts with all the alliances

5) If you can't defend yourselves(on your own), never start a war even with the smallest of alliances

6) Never assume that you're the smartest and the rest are fools

7) Understand that BS can only take you to the top, but won't keep you there

8) Stop hiding in the shadow of bigger alliances, who are allies; because, someday when they just move a bit, you're exposed and that'd be your end

9) Try and become independently strong alliance

10) Stop running your mouth on Grepo Forums, when you know that you can't beat anybody in the game


Good point Sagsin,

Nod should really take a good note on this one. :D


many of your points wouldn't keep people from going after you lol, they would just help you if they did.

pretty much: don't make people mad


Boy, AAB is really something, eh???

Xano today at 00:05
o: Poopstan , Extra Mortal Basterds
Sagsin2k1,Inglorious Basterds
NEOGEO22, Grimm Sleepers
PopShot, The Varangians

Gentleman we were attacked by Deus ex Birema, now all four of you have been or are currently at war with us. However all of us have a bigger problem with DeB, and you all are well aware, or should be well aware, that DeB will be picking of each alliance in turn. The only way they can be stopped is if we work together to take them down.

This is a war game and that also makes it a game of strategy. I only have had dealings with one of you, but understand this I am a man of honor, and if I give my word I keep it. I am also someone who enjoys gaming; I have opponents and not enemies. I have never purposely driven anyone out of a game, unless they were betrayers. My personal rule is not to take more then one city from any one active player.

I propose a cessation of hostilities, and turn our combined efforts against DeB, so we all can continue enjoying the game. What happens after we defeat DeB, will be an open question, but at the very least we all should agree not to attack each other for at least one week after our combined victory.

I am not a diplomat; I am by nature an attacker. If I lose, I lose I hold no personal animosities. I do have full authority of entering into and committing my alliance into agreements in war situations. After I send out this letter I will advise my alliance not to attack or retaliate against anyone for at least 24 hours, or told otherwise.

If any of my alliance members break this agreement, they will be summarily booted from our alliance.

Hoping to here from you sooner rather then later, - Xano, Commanding General, As Athens Burns


Wow, they just don't get it do they?

I propose a cessation of hostilities, and turn our combined efforts against DeB, so we all can continue enjoying the game. What happens after we defeat DeB, will be an open question, but at the very least we all should agree not to attack each other for at least one week after our combined victory.


Trust me nod would have been worse! He has Grimm sleepers, Vangarians and deus ex birema after him


id put it more like this

1) train your members right
2) take experiances from other worlds each time AAB has played i've only made it better and better
3) remember its a game not real life
4) be real (ill admit i lost a bit of that in this world)
5) don't pick to many fights at once
6) watch your mouth even if you kick their and they are flaming you
7) know that defense is as important as offense especaily in revolt worlds.
8) don't mess with people who have the ability to aquire and edit forum posts/ take them out of context
9) don't pact the number 1 alliance they will switch sides when its beneficial when claiming they were with you the day before
10) respect all
11) use common sense and don't just believe what you see.

ill be honest sag, i thought IGB was a joke...still do as they run their mouths when winning and don't use common sense, i respect your leaders and you for acting but you believe what you see without thinking abstractly. for instance MC said that he heard IGB was coming after us awhile back i didn't believe it (this was before diplomacy issues btw).

as i said before i can argue it all i want you won't believe it so im sorry for allowing you to see a misrepresentation of me.

so heres my final thoughts for a bit i hope you take it to heart.
sagsin- easy to fool, is talkative sometimes to much, overall decent guy. hope to prove my trust worthiness someday
pear- good guy pretty nice still lacked comon sense.
persil - afraid of DEB and even was going to suggest AAB and IGB uniting against them. but also nice and only one of IGB who saw something was up.

pipps: nice person, good hearted, and as i promised on another world i will train you and any AN you wish to bring :)

Cyprus: very protective of his team, acts on evidence, sometimes hot headed though to much even take it from me it leads to trouble.
Gokill: honestly one of my favorite grepolis leaders im able to speak to him as a friend still even after all this very upfront even told us end of the world we would be fighting for the wonders.
AP: nice guy and also very fun to talk to didn't have much involved with this as far as i know.

Nivrap: id honestly respect you if you even once tried to back up what you said to me, you also run your mouth way to much sometimes and screwed a lot of people over before finally getting a break. but overall crafty and underhanded so you made up for it somewhat.
Neogeo: very upright guy and shares the common intrest of wrestling with me hope to play with you again in another world :)

Popshot: still very friendly towards me even after how badly we treated Varg. im truely sorry and i've missed a good friend one day i will make it up to you all if i get the chance :)

Eric Thorson: easy to fool but upright guy aswell he does what he thinks is best and i hope to play with him aswell

oh and as 1 final tip...GS and IGB watch out im not a huge tactical genius or anything but ill place a bet that you guys are the next DEB target :p just my 2 cents though i could be wrong.


ps if you all don't like me fine speak to Xano i plan to hand the reigns to him...unlike me hes not hot headed and actually advised against the varg war ;D ill still be around though im just getting ready for college and a busy summer. :)


Maybe about varg wars the one who started is me. I start attacking their members ( only Chris Strickland) because he taking ex-city from shingzu on 057 (im not remember if any towns got taken while we clearing and become a ghost city), we already clearing on shingzu and he becoming ghost all of sudden. while our CS not ready yet, and on couple of hours it become varg city (chris Strickland) that's why I attack him personally. =)


If you have the whole world after you, you get more BP which means you expand faster ;)


Wow, final letter before death??

How is IGB a joke? Nod, only reason why you guys are in this is because you guys were gonna go after us anyways. The tone of your team players' messages on shared tab showed. So we just made the move before you guys did. The whole time Sag was hospitalized and missed a lot of actions leading up to the war. But all the leaders saw your intentions. I guess you though you were fooling us. Instead you just fooled yourself and your alliance.

BTW, You seem like a nice guy, Good luck!


IGB couldn't even bring a fair fight to us (though i will let that go given their impressions but even DEB got fooled and still gave us a 12 hour advance) and IGB believes whatever it sees...ever heard of photoshop? and you're going off jkub i assume? seeing what spawn said the same could have been assumed for you all we don't judge our relations by random players please kindly show the same respect. and while im sorry for your hospitalization and hope you are recovering i wish you would have had some more sense. and why would i fool you guys? Sag you all were my allies though you did one thing to get under my skin a lot and yes we had a tab as an alert + we did smack talk (as you guys did to us) once it was done it was done we dropped it...thats why i viewed this as underhanded toward us. think of this like high school its just dramatic bs...

and TY you seem like a nice guy too when were not fighting as i said id like to play with you again in another world :)


omicron forums i have some alpha people to wanna hear about bad pacts i can tell you endless stories about these guys ^.^