How to get free BP!!!! For free!!!!


Okay, so I was bored and I didn't have any great stories like everyone else on these forums has. Probably cause I suck. Anyways, so I'm bored so I decided to send out the following message to everyone.

Village Idiot today at 04:15
Please attack me.

Later on some guy PM's me back.... and we have a great conversation, in which I repeated lie to him!!!

Corgen today at 06:44
LOL, I miss school. I am so tired of this world I only do it from time to time. I have another world that I started just a little before this one that is just cranking away.

Village Idiot today at 06:43
I just said I was going to dodge.... you're gonna get free resources probably to tell the truth... so feel free to farm me!!! I'm just bored, sitting @ home doing homework, which I should've done like a week ago probably (yawn)

Corgen today at 06:40
Did you call up your militia.

Village Idiot today at 06:40
Nah, I'm just gonna dodge.... I'm just sooooo bored right now :p

Corgen today at 06:39
are you after the BP

Village Idiot today at 06:36
YES!!!! Thanks :)

Corgen today at 06:35
Ok I will send attack now since you asked me to.

Village Idiot today at 06:34
LOL, as if!!! I haven't got attacked in a long time and I miss it :( Nobody dislikes me anymore so nobody will attack me :( Please attack me... please?

Corgen today at 06:22
why do you want to be attacked. Is it so you can post something in checkmate forums to get help and have me wiped out.

Anyways, now he's stupidly falling into my plan!!! Buwahahaha!!! Let's try to get insider info in his alliance!!! Buwahaha

Village Idiot today at 06:48
Ah.... how your alliance doing??? Babilon, I mean? Lol, when I left there, it sucked sooo bad, lol.

Anyways.... he didn't respond :( But I did get a whole 23 DBP from it!!!! He's probably gonna be mad but, what the heck right? And I didn't lose a thing!!! That's what I call a win-win!! +rep if you liked!!
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