Beginner How to Make a Good Background with GIMP

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  1. hey guys. here's a quick 'n easy guide to making a cool looking background on GIMP. please take the time to read this (there's pics at the end :D).
    so first thing you wanna do is make a new pic, whatever size you want. you can change your colors to whatever you think good together good. i'm gonna use a normal color blue and an "icey" color blue (308bd9 and 30dcd9). after you have your colors, go into filters<render<fractal explorer. once there you can change the shape of the fractal thing to whatever you want with the fractal tab at the top of the selection (click on one and click apply to see what it looks like). i'm gonna use one named sparks. if you go back into the parameters tab. in there you can change it so thats its centered and stuff or stretched or just whatever you think looks good. when you're done adjusting click OK. you can find a good render that you like and add text and stuff but the point of this quick tut is to make the background.

    here's a few examples:
    (here's the pic i made during the tut)
  2. o yeah and here's another quick background guide.
    so make a new image. fill the background with black then pick the colors you like again. go into filters<render<nature<flame. go into the edit option and pick a shape you like (there's tons). you can change all the options and stuff on the first thing that came up then click OK. and there you go. add text and a render and BANG! you got a new tag!
    here's some examples:
    hope this helps you guys.
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    What I learned yesterday is that to keep a color theme going, that you take the main subject, distort it, and smudge it in the background, it makes it really cool, I did it on these few. (I like your method a lot though):

  4. yeah i like that way too (dont use it that much though). this is just another way to make backgrounds.
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    One question, for some reason i cannot download brushes into the brush folder?
  6. you need to unzip the file first. it's fairly simple the hardest part is actually downloading the thing you use to unzip it. i use winzip to unzip files but you can use anything that works. bring up program, open the file you want to unzip. go into your start menu and find your brushes/fonts and drag the unzipped file into the the brushes/fonts file. you may have you restart gimp if you had it up while doing that but other than that it should appear unless it's for a different type of computer (mac or windows 7 or whatever) or not for gimp 2.6, make sense?
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    Still does not work

  8. put 'em in the gimp 2.6 file. should work then.
  9. and by the way, i got the cloud brushes but what does the other look like?
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    They are like...idk...really scratchy haha.
  11. lol ok just wondering.
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    Also my layer and brush window to the right closed and i cannot get it back.

    it is still not working :/
  13. layer and brush? if you mean the tool options than you can open the toolbox in the tools option and you can open the tool options by touble-clicking on the paintbrush.
    i dunno bout the brushes though. make sure they're for gimp not photoshop. other than that i have no idea.
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    Alright, thanks for your help.
  15. no problem. if you need anything else just let me know.
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    I think these backgrounds are somewhat mediocre, I prefer blending and putting together fractals, stock backgrounds and renders, and brush strokes into a nice background for your art.

    Kmerle's way is interesting, I am experimenting with that...
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    where is kmerle's tut?
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    It comes in handy, but keep in mind that I said these things a week ago :p