Heyyyy, I've played this game on and off for, well, quite awhile now. If there is anyone who played in Iota and was part of The Brotherhood who's around rn hmu I'd love to play with y'all in a future world. If you don't remember me I was part of the leadership before a mix up with an account switch getting both me and MaDDoG banned for multi-accounting RIP.

Anyways I'm looking for some people to play with in the next world that opens up, I have plenty of experience including alliance leadership and I'm an active player who is ready to learn all the new **** in the game that wasn't there in gen 1 lol. Anyways, hi Grepolis, I guess I've technically been here for more than half a decade but I haven't really been active on the forums since like early 2011.


Welcome back. Its always good to see returnees. It appears you joined CotC on en96. Its unfortunate that your first experience will be a bad one, but i'm sure you'll learn a lot