Question Hydra boosts

I am wondering which boosts affect Hydra Units. I'm mostly focusing on the permanent boosts but any additional info is appreciated. So as far as permanent boosts I found 3 boosts I think should be affecting Hydra units. Captain 20%, battering ram, 10% and Divine selection: 10%. Do all three of these stack for Hydra Units? On top of that do the temporary boosts such as improved attack or improved defense stack on top of these other boosts specifically for Hydra as well? I understand some of the heroes may have helpful boosts for this as well but I don't have any of those heroes at this point. Thanks for any help provided.


Grepolis Team
The Hydra is a mythical unit so the advisor that helps is the priestess not the captain and the research is Divine Selection. They swim faster with cartography.

Hydra are an anomaly though. You can boost with heroic power not favourable wind.

Yes improved attack/defence apply to all units including myths and yes they stack with other spells/powers.

You can look at all the heros in the collection. Heros that apply to myths like Urephon assist Hydra.
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