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Discussion in 'Hyperborea (en45)' started by Krynge, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Krynge

    Krynge Guest

    updated milestones
  2. Can you rim a mod ;) thought I might be safe here from that one lol
  3. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Lozza, I misses you! :'( You still in Psi?
  4. Yeah hun but not active. Miss ya too x
  5. posiden1239

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    I will be the first to rim a mod here! Hey Lane, you want to join this world? I will send you a starting location (on the rim) :p
  6. Lane

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    Hey posiden ~

    I don't join Hyerboring worlds...I'm glad you like it though. :) Have fun!
  7. L3G3ND**

    L3G3ND** Guest

    Should i join this world or not ? Is it good ?
  8. posiden1239

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    LOL, I hate it, but I might as well play 10mins a day to turtle :)
  9. hikingwithu

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    Forgive me for asking this, but what do you mean by 50/1 CP <3?

    Also, I have the Merchant but I don't see that I am getting 30% increase in resources, how can I verify that it is working or a bug and not working?
  10. ArShark

    ArShark Strategos

    Sep 26, 2010
    Ok to answer your questions.

    At lv30 academy, 50 gold can be used to get 1 culture point.

    Your other questions, hover your mouse on top of the wood/stone/silver icons, and you should see their production rate. If you want to clarify, click on it and you should be how much you would make normally compared with merchant.
  11. Krynge

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    updated again..
  12. Krynge

    Krynge Guest

    updated again
  13. Murkins

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    lol I feel like you made this topic just to brag abouth "Perform a Major Sabotage (with leader rights, kick out every member): Krynge, sabotaged The Archangels" :p
  14. Krynge

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    yep!! i have bragging rights on that one. can't wait to see who will get the major disband. i can imagine someone will be stupid enough to give founder rights. just waiting to see who...
  15. Krynge

    Krynge Guest

  16. Ethan A.

    Ethan A. Phrourach

    Apr 5, 2012
    there are no conquests, so it is impossible to rim anyone
  17. We could conquer a mod's ghost city?
  18. Maybe who can make a mod ghost first ;) lol
  19. Are you volunteering? I'm sure Peebz has you trembling before him ;)
  20. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Ha, Loz trembling before someone..That's unrealistic..She has fought with/against some of the best and hasn't given up...so good luck! ;)