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    What the heck happened to the Chaos Brigade? There leadership has been changing a lot recently, and now with this new leadership, they have gone down rapidly in points, but managed to keep that no.1 spot in ABP. Way to go guys.
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    Everyone is talking trash about how no one good will ever come to hyperborea: you never know what happens in RL. Maybe someone who led an alliance in world Rho has their job suddenly block grepolis from the company server. now they cant play enough to be competitive...but wait! here comes a world for people with very little time...people who still want to enjoy grepolis, but cant be on enough to compete in fast, conquer/revolt worlds.
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    Some insight into how CB disbanded


    I was a member of Chaos Brigade and received a number of mails sent by Brigade's leadership. Seeing as that close to all of them have ghosted in en45, I think it okay that I post what they mass mailed to everyone on this thread (to preserve them and to satiate anyone's curiosity). However, I will censor any cuss words though to abide by the forum's rule. Everything else though (including any grammatical/spelling errors) is exactly what they said.

    Also, if any other MoM peers are reading this right now (since some CB who wrote some of the below went into MoM after the split), I post this without the intention of offending anyone (just in case people are still sensitive about CB being disbanded). Although I took care to remove some names of players still playing in en45 in the messages below, I can still edit out some of the messages you wrote if you contact me.

    First message (titled "New alliance"):

    son of promethius on 2012-08-11 at 19:40
    You may have noticed I recently stepped down as executive officer of Chaos Brigade. The founder has sided with an arrogant <censored>, who caused one of the nicest people you could ever meet to leave this world for good. I hope that is not the case for those who choose to stay and follow him, but it is not in my hands. I also have no intentions of going to war with him. No, I am starting a new alliance and am in the recruiting process now. I wish I could have forseen this before bringing so many into chaos brigade, but I guess I was ignorant of the signs. If you choose to stay and follow him, I wish you well in all you do. If however you would like to follow me, you will always be welcome. Let me know what you decide.

    Sincerely, Pat

    Second message (titled "Moving Forward"):

    chrsschb on 2012-08-11 at 22:01
    Fellow Members in Chaos,

    You may have noticed that son of promethius has decided to leave our Alliance and found his own. If you were a friend/companion of his, or simply feel he is worth following, and wish to leave and join him, you are free to do so.

    However, many of you did not agree with his overly authoritarian style of leadership. When the Founder, other Senior Leaders, and I chose to remind him that Chaos Brigade is a democracy (albeit with an elected leader) and not a dictatorship, he could not agree.

    If being told when to clean your teeth, take a drink, breathe, etc is your style, then this alliance is not for you, and his way is open for you to join. There are many outstanding applicants for your places should you choose to leave.

    We are not the dominant Alliance in Ocean 44 by accident. We are not the #2 ranking Alliance in the World by accident. Considering our little bit of attempted sabotage, we feel our alliance is well formatted and robustly run.

    With the departure of son of promethius, the last obstacle to forming the Imperial Senate has been removed. We can now bring in a new tier of leadership in the form of the Senate and use this as a means of incorporating new ideas and policies. Those of you with 3500 points and over wishing to play a more active role in your Alliance as Senate members are now free to do so.

    Feel free to post any questions in the companion forum thread and the Officers will respond.

    Third message (titled: "War with Lords and Ladies (LL)") *not a crucial part of the collapse, but it pertains to it slightly

    Hello, members of The Chaos Brigade. We have engaged Lords and Ladies several times now, and with the traitor, son of promethius, within their ranks, we have decided that it's time to end this little hit and run game, hence the reason we began our onslought at 20:00.

    All members are expected to arm themselves up and prepare for battle. Everyone who would like to join our "Attack Forces" send me a message, and you will be able to particapate in well organized attacks against our enemy.

    Long Live Chaos Brigade!!!

    Fourth message (titled "End of Brigade")

    Darkearth on 2012-10-18 at 16:48
    For those who don`t know me, I help build/run our `alliance academy`.
    Chaos Battalion (formerly College) was set up for one purpose, to make Brigade the number one alliance in this world. At that time it was 3rd in the rankings, now its at 1st, by over 1 mill points. I `moved` over to help this process, and had a great time. But Battalion, has got a far as it can go, got to rank 18 with over 500k points, not bad for only starting in mid-august, but with the average point score of 8000, it could not grow anymore. So the collective leaders/admin of alliances decided that it was time to `pull the plug`. Most of the top scoring members have had a `free` invite to Brigade, though not all have done so, and that period has run out now.

    So know it has just become a non-allied alliance Ev1lK1ng Crowd, run by the `highest left member, ie -Ev1lK1ng-. It has not connection with Chaos Brigade at all.

    Lastly a big thanks to the following for making Chaos Battalion what is was and achieved, with out them it would not of happened:-

    uni- con

    and in the last few weeks,
    Maximus Castleton

    Great work all round.

    Fifth message (titled "Apgavike")

    Darkearth on 2012-10-27 at 00:19
    Apgavike, to confirm, I have `kicked out` Apgavike, there was a issue, where I accidentally locked thread on a claim. I unlocked it after had contact, and said it was my mistake. But the reply was:

    Apgavike today at 23:26
    haha, listen to urself.
    Darkearth today at 23:25
    haha, listen to yourself
    Apgavike today at 23:24
    what did i do? that i said that u have too much rights? u really have too much.
    Darkearth today at 23:23
    yep, you understand?
    Apgavike today at 23:20
    so kicked???
    Darkearth today at 23:19
    yes i have!!!!
    Apgavike today at 23:15
    sometimes people have to much rights..
    Darkearth today at 23:11
    ok,it was my mistake,,,,,,
    Apgavike today at 22:38
    if u lock thread, so create another. respect member in this alliance! Uni is taking city so why to lock thread??

    So I used my `rights` and removed her!

    Any one has any issues with this, please let me or another leader know please.
    Counting on your support.


    Sixth message (titled "how to play if you are better") *I don't really understand the message now, but I will post it here anyway.

    uni- con on 2012-10-30 at 22:48
    guys, I am proud to be (was) in first ranked alliance.
    But take a look back:
    we had an academy alliance (I was here too). Founded by Apgavike and .... don't remember. Anyway, do we have them now? NO! Why?
    This is a problem of
    Author has written the following:
    Chaos Brigade
    , actualy was no chaos and was no brigade, just few teenagers who thought that they are the best and can rule you all.
    But not all. If some player spent a lot of time, found lot of info about grepolis, played in world Alpha (do you know when this world starts???? in december 2009, I play here just since January 2010).
    So if you have your own head, you are better than your leader is, you are, and be active (did you heard that all the leaders wants to go to new opened world?=They do 20% here and they are going somewhere :DDDD)
    So, just find me. If I play, I play in 1 (just in one) world. And all my attention is just for one world alliance where I am. No matter I am the leader or just a meat.
    Ths is the firs and last my mass mail.
    See you.
    Klaxon (This is the real my acc, and players who know world Alpha and Beta knows me)

    Seventh message (titled "Leaving Hyper")

    Darkearth on 2012-11-08 at 16:17

    I will be leaving Hyper, on the 16th nov, using the delete game option, this means my cities will ghost in 7 days after this. This will give you all 15 days to decide who wants to claim my cities.(if any)
    Before I do the `dirty` dead, I will send troop/navy to where they are need or leave them in situ, for BP`s.

    Current list:-

    Dark ATOLL(12832 points)
    Dark BEACON(10369 points)
    Dark CAVERN(9337 points)
    Dark DUGOUT(10458 points)
    Dark ENCLAVE(9102 points)
    Dark FJORD(8699 points)
    Dark GORGE(6027 points)
    Dark HOLLOW(9456 points)

    I will also post this on a tab on forum, so they can be claimed, and any help the claimer needs.
    I will also give details of what in each, in due course, ie troops/navy/building etc.

    I sorry that I have to do this, but it not fair on the alliance for to sit here, not playing active part. Time is just not enough for me to play here and Endessa.

    Its been a great to serve and see this alliance grow to be the `best` in this world,and hope you all continue to keep it that way!

    Regards to all in Chaos Brigade Darkearth, Steve

    Eighth message *chris ghosts

    Darkearth on 2012-11-17 at 09:14
    Chis`s city have now `ghosted`.

    chriss cities when they ghost
    Tallonius 2012-10-18 00:52
    [23:48:04] Chris: My cities in numerical order and their approximate unit makeups so you guys can BP farm:

    1: LS Nuke city, ~60 LS in harbor, another ~100 in queue, no transports, no wall
    2: Defense City: Might be a few units/biremes at home but 99% are at my claim defending it
    3: Offense City: 1000-1600 FS of troops, 40-50 LS, and 90-105 FTPS in harbor
    4: Offense City: 1000-1600 FS of troops, 40-50 LS, and 90-105 FTPS in harbor
    5: Offense City: 1000-1600 FS of troops, 40-50 LS, and 90-105 FTPS in harbor
    6: Defense City: Might be a few units/biremes at home but 99% are at my claim defending it
    7: Offense City: 1000-1600 FS of troops, 40-50 LS, and 90-105 FTPS in harbor
    8: Offense City: 1000-1600 FS of troops, 40-50 LS, and 90-105 FTPS in harbor
    9: Offense City: 1000-1600 FS of troops, 40-50 LS, and 90-105 FTPS in harbor
    10: Offense City: 1000-1600 FS of troops, 40-50 LS, and 90-105 FTPS in harbor
    11: LS City: 60-100 LS in Harbor, maybe 100 slingers + 8 FTPS if they didn't die on the suicide mission I sent them on
    12: Offense City: approximately 400 FS of troops, and 10-30 LS in harbor.

    No city names, or BB-codes.

    these need finding, and taking if possible

    Will post this on the forum.

    Ninth message (titled "Good luck to you all") *I think this player wasn't a leader in CB, but s/he cites CB leadership as the reason why s/he is leaving.

    CHCAGO on 2012-12-12 at 04:17
    Sorry, I have to be moving on, don't feel like I am part of this alliance with the leadership we have... but to those of you (You know who you are), I have had fun.... and good luck to you all in your endeavers.... later all, CHCAGO

    Tenth message

    recklezz84 on 2013-01-10 at 18:31
    Hello all Chaos Brigade members,

    As some of you noticed last few allot of things changed with people getting kicked (inactives) and the pact and merging of forums with noble team. Jazzy pretty much changed all this on her own without the full support of the senate.

    Today she left the alliance and left a note in my inbox to share with you all.

    LadyJazzy has written the following:

    I had to leave for some personal IRL reasons. It happened without much warning. I plan to stick around and be back more in a few weeks. Good Luck to all of you in Chaos Brigade. It was an honor to serve you. LadyJazzy salutes.

    Me and Conglog have founder rights now (somehow I knew being a temporary leader would lead to this but hell).

    I just got home to find all this so please give us a bit to decide on what to do now. Hopefully you all will bear with us and give us some time.

    Thanks in advance.

    Eleventh message

    Hi All,

    Second mass mail going out in a short time (and more will follow as I feel communication is key of succes)
    A few things changed as you all surly would have noticed especially on the forums.
    Jazzy was pushing hard towards a totall merge with Noble team without consulting anybody else. We now broke off this merge thing but kept the tight pact idea of working together.
    All our own forums are again our own including a general forum and our own claim forum again. We have a new "general chat" forum called the tavern and a new shared Ops forum.
    These 2 forums will be used to talk to Noble team and to plan Ops together.

    There will be some changes in the senate but nothing big and nothing you all should worry about :) we are just figuring out who is going to do what but all noses seem to go the same way.
    After all inactive people got kicked we now have loads of room for new additions to the alliance. If you know some good active people that love to play agressive let us know so we can invite them. Size of a player isn't the biggest issue but being active and able to fight is.

    And last but not least. Be active on the forums, communicate and lets bring Chaos to this world!


    Twelfth message

    As you have probably seen over the last few week some of our big alliance members have removed themselves from the alliance, and we are still losing players. We ask the question why are you leaving such a successful alliance, and the answer is always the same we are leaving because it is always a certain few that help out and support. The rest are happy to sit back and do nothing, now we know that our alliance have a number of members that only build and gather points (SIMMERS) and up to a point we are okay with this.

    But there comes a time when it is no longer possible for them to just carry on in their little world while others do all the work, because it will get to the point that there are no more people left in the alliance who will do all the work. Then you builders (SIMMERS) will be left to fend for yourselves. So I am going to ask just once to all the members that for whatever reason you have not to send out support before to please start sending out support to your alliance members.

    I will also add that we as leaders have been asked to join other alliances, but up until now have not taken up the offer as we feel that Chaos Brigade is worth fighting for hope you do to.

    Thirteenth message:

    Dear all,

    It was coming for a while now after Jazzy steered us into a merge a month or so back and then suddenly left.. Members been leaving to masters of mayhem ever since and now half of the senate decided to call it quits.

    I'm not going to lead the alliance on my own and the people I trusted and that had the same visions as me are now gone.

    So here is the End of Chaos Brigade as we once knew it.

    Sorry for the people who just joined from all over. Maybe somebody takes over the rudder and will steer this ship somewhere new.

    Reck signing off for the last time.

    Fourteenth message *from another leader:

    We have tried very hard to get the alliance pulling together, but in my opinion there are some good players in the alliance that are being pulled down by members who are just using the alliance to hide. And have no intention of helping others this in my opinion is the reason this alliance has failed I wish you all the best and good luck.
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    Way too serious for me. After all, this is Hyper we're talking about.

    BTW, Capitalist Pigs just celebrated 1 year anniversary in Hyper. How's that for a milestone?
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    These stickies are never kept updated lol.
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    Anyways, that's not why I posted here. I(a group of other players included) was wondering if the Grepolis team would be willing to start another Fields of Elysium world. We would like you to do this because we feel that it is unfair to people who currently join Hyperborea (en45). We feel that it is completely unfair because the majority of players in the world have over 6 months experience and way too many points and/or cities for us beginners to compete against. There are 1097 active players currently (anyone over 1000+ points is considered active for the sake of the argument). The middle of this group, rank 549, is a player who has 68,349 points. So, we would ask the Grepolis team to consider making the next world a no conquest world with a world speed of 2-3.

    Thank you!

    PS: I am in no way affiliated with the player uhhh2.
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    Yeah I wish at least another similar world doesnt matter which speed just seems like there needs to be another world
    If it was higher speed though more people would probably join it because hyper is fun
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    I think a speed 2 Elysium world would be great. If it ever happens I might try to talk my entire alliance into moving there ...hmmmm. I guess that would kinda be an Elysium premade. Wow, what a concept. I'm a bona fide genius. Or raving lunatic, depending on your point of view.
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    The new heroes are going to be great and heck yeah everyone would move from speed 1 to speed 2 one problem though

    Map might get maxed lol
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