I got conquered in Taras, but did not retain my CPs


I have 4032 bps, which means that I should have at least 13 CPs, plus the extra ones awarded in the quests. I got conquered, and respawned, but my CPs have not caught up. Is this a bug, or a change, I am sure that I have retained my CPs in the past, there has been one occasion in the past when I restarted. Please can you confirm if it is a bug, and if so, make sure I get the CPs back onto my account in Taras.




happened to me now on en 72 and en82 , i presume its a new feature or maybe it has always been this way as this is the first time(S) it has happened to me in grep I'm not 100%, sorry not much use.. in en72 and en 82 i restarted both times so maybe that was why, it was not a rim or account deletion.


IcedDragon 2014-01-16 06:43:08
Hello Ranga1,

Thanks for your ticket.
In neither of these cases would you keep your culture points.
If you lose all your cities you would restart with 3 city slots, if you restart you would go back to 2.


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I think you only get to keep your culture points if you actually get rimmed, which appears to be no longer the case lol