Proposal Idea: Grepolis Alerts App


Proposal: A small app, or change in the existing one, that just can provide alerts… specifically alerts of certain types.

Reason: I don’t like the app, I play on my tablet PC, the app was just loud and annoying… all I really want is an app that tells me a few very basic things…

Details: The app can just provide a range of informative options to notify you of, with the ability for it to display onscreen notice, vibrate the phone, ding or play a sound for each type of notice… the notices can vary from the list below:

  1. Incomming attack

  2. City warehouse full

  3. Idle 48 hours without vacation mode

  4. City in revolt

  5. City Lost/Gained
Then you could use the game app to log in and do actions… but the game app also needs an ability to turn off all its notices…

Visual Aids:

As required…

Balance/Abuse Prevention:

Can’t really see one, it just keeps players more informed and engaged…