Rejected Ideas Comp~ Farm Village Demanding/Looting Support Bonus (Shelby Bryce)

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Shelby Bryce asked me to post this for him since his account is still awaiting activation.

The Farm Village Demanding/Looting Support Bonus would be a bonus that people can get from the island quests to help increase resources. This bonus, when activated, would automatically demand (or loot if forced loyalty is in place) your farm villages every 5 minutes for however long the duration strength is, to give you the most amount of resources without having to spend the time to do it. (Would also make an awesome bonus in the Tyche Advent Calendar. Maybe a super strength version?)

This idea would help to add diversity to what can be won in the island quests, thus increasing the amount of people who use them. When you have more than one city, and each of those cities are on their own island, it takes too long to loot them repeatedly for resources. Even with the Captain, I still don't have the time to do it for every island. There is a bonus to increase and decrease just about everything important except farm village resources. If there was a bonus to make it more efficient, it would make building, especially in times of full on war, easier.
I am not very tech savvy so I cannot tell you how to code it, but I believe there is already a similar code or action in the Farming Villages benefit given when you purchase the Captain. So I know there is a way to farm all the villages on the island at once already in place. It would simply need to be tweaked to automatically do it on it's own when a bonus is activated, just like the rest of the spells and bonuses that work for everything else in the game.

Okay, so this bonus would be your typical "activate in this city" bonus, that once activated would automatically demand or loot he resources from all the Farm Villages in your possession every 5 minutes (because this give the most resources overall) until the clock runs out. I have thought of the maximum resources that can be looted from any one farming village, but I have noticed that when I activate a troop bonus, even when my population runs out, I still receive troops. My population just shows a negative number for ever troop that went over the limit. I do not see why this bonus could not do the same thing.
I have enacted a multiple bonuses and spells that have worked with each other to build up troop strength or defense, so I do not think it would be crazy for this bonus to work with a Forced Loyalty bonus. If it makes it easier, there could be a pop-up that asks if you want to loot or demand with this bonus if a Forced Loyalty is already in place. When I fall under attack, I get a pop-up asking if I want to enact Militia.

Visual Aids:

As previously stated, this feature would effect the following:
The Farming Villages (The same codes I believe can be found under the Farming Villages addition from the Captain. This bonus would automatically farm each Farm Village on that city's island, currently in the possession of the player, every 5 minutes until the clock runs out. Example: Bonus is for 2 hours = Farm Villages are automatically demanded/looted 24 times, depending on if their is a Forced Loyalty in place.
Island Quests (This could be an addition to bring some new diversity to what can be won on the island quests. As with all the other bonuses, the strength increases as you grow.)
Forced Loyalty (This bonus should be able to work WITH Forced Loyalty to give you the option to loot with it, for more resources. It would really be nice if, by activating this bonus, a pop-up came up asking if you wanted to demand or loot, OR if there is also a forced loyalty in your storage, if it asked if you want to activate that as well. It would be nice, but not necessary.

Abuse Prevention:

No, I have not seen how this can incite any cheating, anymore than any other bonus could. I think that smart players will use it wisely, and other players will never see it's full potential. That is true of every bonus currently out there.

I think this idea, while possibly complicated in the background (code) is a pretty simple idea for the game that could allow smart players to advance faster. Imagine if, while you are busy hunting BP or protecting your city, you could be getting steady resources in the background to help build more ships or troops or buildings. It would be an excellent time saver, especially when things get hectic in the game.
I'm sure there are a lot of thing I was unable to cover or missed due to my lack of tech knowledge, but I think this would be an excellent bonus to the game. If you can think of something I missed or anything questions that do not involve the coding of it, ask and I can think about it and get back to you.
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