Ideas Competition

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Dear Grepolis players,

We are proud to announce that on Wednesday January 20th, the first ever ideas competition will begin! Two opportunities to win gold will be presented to you. You must simply submit ideas!

Submission Period (ends the 27th)
  • One week to submit ideas in the ideas section (include "Ideas Comp" in the post title)
  • May not enter or copy an existing idea
  • You may only submit one idea per category (Developments and Improvements)
  • All submissions must follow the idea format

Voting Period (starts on the 28th)
  • Voting for both developments and improvements.
  • Do not campaign for votes.
  • Do not edit your idea after the voting period has begun.
  • Lasts for one week.

The first place winners of both polls will receive 500 gold and a text based title. The second place winners will receive 200 gold each.

Just a reminder that all regular idea rules still apply to this competition. Any DNS ideas are not eligible.

Best wishes,
Your Grepolis Team​


Greetings! We are glad to announce that the voting period has commenced. Due to a lack of submissions, there will only be one poll. However, the prizes will be higher for the winners. First place will receive 750 gold & a text based title and second place will receive 500 gold. We have 6 wonderful ideas to vote on:

Out of those ideas, you must decide which idea is the best. You have 7 days to cast your vote (ends on February 4th) here. Good luck to all ideas!

Best wishes,
Your Grepolis Team​


Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Ideas Competition!​

New Heroes came in first place with 14 out 42 votes. Untempered Schism has won 750 gold and the title "Ideas Competition 2016".

Plague Spell Improvement came in second place with 10 out of 42 votes. Sparrowhawk2013 has won 500 gold.

The two winners of the competition will receive their prizes soon. For details on how every idea placed, click here. Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for the competition!

Best wishes,
Your Grepolis Team​