1. "Return All" does not have a confirmation prompt in certain situations
When opening the support view for a certain city (support > own troops in this city) you have the option to either pull your troops city by city or to click return all
When trying to pull one city you get a confirmation prompt to ask if you really want to pull them, which cannot be disabled in the settings
When trying to pull all supports however, it does not give you a confirmation prompt

2. Too impactful to not need a confirmation
Accidentally clicking the button can cost you sieges. Last night I was holding my baby and he squirmed, pushing my arm which resulted in me clicking that button 10 minutes before siege end instead of pulling some supports for instance

3. Just give it a confirmation
Don't see why this is not already there as pulling them one by one requires you to confirm every time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Today the security for sending mass mails seems to have run amok! The pictures are small and blurry, keep rotating through selection choices (store front, bus, signs), seems slow, and burdensome just to send a message to your own alliance!

Recommendation: Get real! Put in clear, simple pictures for verification, drop the rotating pictures.!!!!


lets get rid of all markets and make EN the only one

Quite a lot of players dislike the no night bonus.

FR is biggest market afaik? Germany has a pretty big market too. Having a national community is also quite fun in it's own way.


I feel like some progress is really starting to be made here