Ideas Section Rework (In Progress)

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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
I am currently working on completely reworking how our ideas section works. Mainly the hope is to make submitting an idea easier to do. For the moment we won't have a voting system in place as I want to figure out what would work best for us here on EN. The changes I plan to make are to the approval process, the labeling of ideas with prefixes, a simpler format, and of course the abolishment of the Do Not Suggest list. We'll start with the format below.

1. Submitting An Idea

  • When submitting an idea give your post a concise post title for example, if I want to change the layout of the command menu a good title would be "Command Menu Layout Change". Simple titles are best, leave the more intricate details to your post where you have more room to explain and expand.
  • What kind of idea can I submit? Whatever you want. You want to suggest a new God or Goddess? Go for it. You want the helmet of swordsmen to be purple? That's a bit weird but sure why not. You have a change to a gold feature like Instant Buy, then by all means submit an idea. Just make sure to post it with the format seen below.
  • Format: Please make sure your post has the following template;
Summary: A short overview of what this idea is. Like the title it is best to keep this simple.
Description: Here is where we want the detailed explanation of you idea. Go as deep as you need to in order to explain your idea.
Reason: Tell us why you feel this change/idea should be made or implemented into the game.
Visual Aids: If you have an image or a mockup of your proposed idea you can put it here to further illustrate your point. This isn't required but it is helpful if you have one.​
  • Why do we need a format? We need this format because when I send an idea up to the developers they need certain information to begin to consider the idea for the game. As this is your idea and not mine I want to make sure all the thoughts are your own and not something I have to assume you meant or were thinking. This format helps me convey your exact idea to the developers.

For the moment we'll go with this to see if we get some new ideas. Over time I'll be closing down the Wish List section as well as the other sub sections of this forum as I further flesh out our new Ideas section. However if there is an idea in the Wish List section you think should be considered as a serious idea send me a pm and I'll move it over to this main section and we can begin a fresh discussion on it in its existing thread.

As we progress I'll add in a voting system or some form of idea advancement system so we can begin sending more ideas up to the devs. I have no issue eventually sending up 1 idea a week if we can get enough ideas going with a good amount of discussion going in each one. If you've got feedback or ideas for the improvement of the ideas section (whoa meta) then please shoot me a pm with them.
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