If Grepolis Were Real Life


Mythical Units Transported

General: My Emperor our sister empire Farg2 is under attack
Emperor: Send our Cerberi Legions to defend them

General: We do not have enough ships to send them all

Emperor: Why not?

General: It appears to take two transport ships to carry one Cereberus

Emperor: Then build more ships and dispatch them immediately
General: Yes my Emperor

dacia strong

Lemme try

Worker's Rights

Advisor: Sir! I cannot send our builders on all those projects you ordered, with our run down Senate, you have already commissioned them for 48 hours of straight labour!

Emperor: Nonsense! I always send those industrious little men on straight bouts of work through the night, and I always see them banging away with their hammers never taking a break, how could they get lazy now!?

Advisor: It's not them my lord, the builder's union will no longer allow us to order our construction workers to do more than two things at one time!

Emperor : Curses! I need our academy as renovated as possible fast in order to teach those mutton head slingers to spread funny rumors about my enemies in their own cities!

Administrator: Sire, for only a small offering of 100 gold coins to the god Inno, I could make all your union problems go away! Then you will be able to send them on infinite hours of work without a break!

Advisor: Yes sire, this sounds like a good venture, especially since our workers are immortal and never need to eat drink or sleep.

Emperor: What a sorry existence hitting a building with a hammer for weeks on end... Good thing I'm emperor! The god inno shall receive its gold coins immediately!



Nice one dacia strong :)

Johanco, I like the idea, needs to be exploited a bit more... I always found funny the idea of a cerberus having 2 legs in a boat and 2 in another :heh:

Sapphire Sorrows

These are fantastic - I'd love to see what comes out May the 4th (What with all the fun emperor references!)