I'm A New Leader. How Should I Phrase A Recruitment Thread?


Let's say that I am the leader of the alliance Chiggin Dance. We are mainly based in Ocean 76. Here is what most in-experienced leaders would say: (yes I have said many things like this myself in the past)


Join Chiggin Dance. The owners of Ocean 76. I'm the only member now but we'll all dance our way to the top soon!!! Must have 2000 points to join.


Now this won't get many members will it? Most people would just reply asking for more info on your alliance or you'd get de-repped and called a nUb. Here is a more successful technique:


Iota has a brand new alliance in Ocean 76. We were just founded on the 1st so we don't have many members. Anyways I'm an experienced leader in this world and others. We'll kind of have a mixed government within the alliance. A council of leaders that are chosen by me. Anyone can apply though. Once we have the council they will vote on minor decisions and the entire alliance will vote on the most major decisions. We won't accept SIMs or members that don't contribute. Even though SIM City is a fun game and I actually have it. This is a war game.


hmm...... good one but remove the sim city example. u can put that this game is much like age of empires or something.......

Rooster Jones

not bad... not bad...

I for one like the strongman approach.

Try something like this:

"We are Chiggin Dance. You call us the Dancing Chiggins... and we'll kill you.

You try to take us on... and we'll bury you and chiggin dance on your grave.

We're not IN ocean 76... we ARE ocean 76.

So if your pathetic little city is in ocean 76 you better face the facts... you are either with us, or you're against us.

If you're with us... you're a winner and your parents are proud of you.

If you're against us... you're a loser and even your family dog secretly despises you.

So sign up today.... and remember only YOU can prevent forest fires.... so get going."

Rooster Jones

I especially like the forest fires part Rooster lol.
Ya.... I feel its best to insert a positive community announcement whenever I can...

I find people remember what they read... and after all... Reading IS Fundamental.

You know?