I'm baaaaaack ~ DeathwishX13....Who's that?


~ Introduction ~

Greetings everyone ~ I guess I'd like to start by introducing myself! Some of you may already know me from ages ago, I used to play under the name DeathwishX13- I am a multiple world winner in worlds en09(Iota), en18(Sigma) and the founder of Infectious which won en68(Cythera). I also played and lead alliances in en40(Pella), en48(Baris), en49(Calydon), en62(Rizinia), en64(Thebes) and the hero world en32(Achilles). After Cythera I took an extended break from the game and have just recently returned. For those of you newer to the game maybe you'd recognize me as "DWX13" from en116(Teos).

~ Desired world settings ~

This alliance will most likely be joining the next conquest world which opens, barring extremely different settings then those desired & shown below.


Engame: World Wonders

Speed - 3 minimum preferrably higher

Unit Speed - 3 mimumum preferrably higher

Alliance Cap - 35-50 preferred

Morale - Active preferred

~ Who we are looking for ~

First and foremost it would be lovely to fight alongside any friends, old or new.

Required 3rd party apps ~ Attack alarms and Discord are both required to join.

Activity ~ It's also required you have essentially round the clock access to the game. That doesn't mean you must play 24 hours a day. But that if your attack alarm goes off or know you have things going on ingame, you must be able to login during these times. If you can't login when your attack alarm goes off to provide intel to the alliance, or when you have CQ attempts landing to post live feeds, don't bother responding. We are not looking for players who post live feeds of their cities being conquered after they're stacked with support.

No simmers ~ Looking for aggressive players only. If you do not actively attack or gain BP this is not the alliance for you.

No coasters ~ Looking for team oriented players who actively support one another. If you wish to play as an individual or only request for things without returning the favor, kick rocks. Players who pull their weight only.

~ How to apply ~

Either private message me here on the forums or drop a line below

Please include experience including intel site link if applicable.

If we already know one another simply drop me your Discord username (Including 4 digit tag #)

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I do remember enjoying the war between Infectious and dwarves fondly :)

Good luck with your premade.

P.S. World wonder endgame kind of worlds wont be released that frequently or at all(maybe 2 worlds in a year).


aah might as well i like cq
Great to see you again mouceen! Glad to see a familiar face and we would love to have you with us. Looking forward to sharing the battlefield and fighting together once more my friend ~


I do remember enjoying the war between Infectious and dwarves fondly :)

Good luck with your premade.

P.S. World wonder endgame kind of worlds wont be released that frequently or at all(maybe 2 worlds in a year).
Hello old friend!

Am quite surprised to see anyone who remembers forgotten history such as the wars we shared together! Thank you for the kind words and best regards. I hope time has treated you well and wish you nothing but success and fortunes as well!

World wonders isn't a dealbreaker but it is what I'd prefer. Realistically as long as the next CQ world isn't speed 1/2 then I can live with everything else. I think.




Designated world
On September 3rd a special anniversary world will be opened. This world is high speed with no morale and every player will start with 3 cities. Feel free to discuss the new world in this thread and as usual this thread will be closed and moved to the world forum once it is opened.

World settings:
  • Game speed: 6
  • Unit speed: 6
  • Trade speed: 3
  • Beginners protection: 5 Days
  • Alliance limit: 35
  • Conquer system: Conquest
  • Conquest time: 8 hours
  • City Foundation Time: 12 Hours
  • Starting City Count: 3
  • Morale: Inactive
  • Endgame: Domination
  • Domination speed: Regular


just know that this world is mostly for people with no job and no will to sleep lol

attack travel times are so short you wont be able to take a piss on the front lines... good luck DWX :)