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Discussion in 'Hyperborea (en45)' started by Jim Era, Jul 23, 2015.

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    Hey guys, just started playing this game and randomly picked this server based on the name, and turned out it was this awesomely designed server...though I've got a few questions...I mostly play on the phone, didn't know it was for pc until afterwards...but I don't ever see anybody else online? Is there no global chat or is everyone just shut up in their alliance chat or something? Not that I'm wanting trolls spamming everywhere, jst like to get to know some of ya guys.

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  2. Ok Jim. just a basic Who's Who of the External Forum to start you off:

    • Cheater of death is the worst player player ever
    • Don't read "a pebble 's" poetry
    • Joseph Nieves really IS a penguin
    • I was voted "The Best Poster" in a recent Community Awards Competition
    • mungus1974 is in fact the best player in grepolis
    • Bond 007 was the best poster on the external forum
    • Apocalypse won the world of Hermonessa :D
    • Nickry will be the next Coomunity Managaer of Grepolis

    Which all boils down this - Don't believe anything written here :D

    Have Fun :D
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    But to answer your question, no there isn't a global chat... This is as close as you'll get really!
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    Feb 27, 2010
    No one really posts here who plays Hype. Hassan doesn't like it when we post here so we all quieten down so he doesn't get angry. There was a recent discussion here which isn't worth reading but other than that there are not many regular forum posters/spammers on this world now. Sirloin is still on this server but doesn't post and the magical cat JKP3nt was on this server until very recently. It takes a very long time to get into the politics of this world if you stay away from the big alliances. They are very secretive and clearly don't shout about what happens in-game here. I'm starting to gather an image of who doesn't like you and I've been here 1 and a bit years but have stayed independent of the larger alliances. Give it a lengthy trial period and I reckon you'll enjoy it here.
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    May 5, 2010
    Yeah, I don't post at all :p

    Hyper is a great place for a casual or learning player, because nobody can take your cities. They can kill your troops, but you can rebuild, or even not bother unless/until you want to. They can take down your wall, but who cares cos they can't take your city.

    Just take your time and enjoy. The only way to lose is to forget to log in for a couple of weeks or more and go ghost.

    What is your name on Hyper?
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    Aug 6, 2012
    Hyper is a good world if you lack the time to play a conquest or revolt world.
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    Archon of Corinth was honest and he was fun. He got done down for telling the truth about mods. New players note.