im new with a few questions

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My first question is when I get to the point of being able to found a new city is that the same time I'm also able to take over another persons city ? Second can farming villages be taken the same way or are they just there to be used as extra resources ?


farming villages are for getting resources, and units.
You need to research conquest to be able to conquer enemy cities.
you may build a city with just a colony ship, and some defense units


well think of it this way would you rather colonize/found a new city that ends up 750 building points or conquer an enemy city thats already clear of troops and is 8500 points

conquerings the best way to go
colonizing is for noobs imo

unless you are playing the bluff wildcard and have a phenomenol plan
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colonizing is for noobs imo
There are a lot of very experienced players who would disagree with you. Reasons to colonise.....

1. You can build a city that can ignore ground attack while building it. (Find an empty island...)
2. A colony doesn't need any significant troops to establish and you can build one anywhere you like
3. A colony can be built just offshore of an enemy island. It will be ignored most of the time and since you can stack it while it builds you can build a local CS that is an hour or so away from an enemy you might otherwise find avoids your CS attempts.
4. Some other things are best left to those who know.....

Perhaps there is more to them than meets the eye....? ;)


i want to ask some thing in farming village.

Q1can other take it away from you when they attacked it too?...
Q2i already got 6 of it when can i have the 7th one?
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