Immortals-Oh how i love you!


Someone sent me a message says,

(Name is censored for privacy):-
Beware,mortals..You know why i sent you this message right?Yes,it's about farming you..So kiss your city goodbye!​

Le Me:-Why must you attack me?I mean i am like 24 hours away from you *Nervous*..Plus you guys are at war with rave!So go away please..*crapped le me's pants*

Le him:-Trololololololol!

Le me:-wut???
:) I really had no idea what he just did...then he sent me a message to this link

I got RickRolled :) never thought about it even in these days...


Hahaha :D Sorry for kinda taking the credit, but I had to shove that on my player profile, I couldn't resist :p
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