Passed Improvement: Aid for "Colour-Blind Players"

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To create a new section to the in-game settings list, with the title "Colour Blind", where my community of colour-blind players can hit the activate button, so we can actually see our allies and forum stances.

Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

Of-course I have, and it has been mentioned, however... I don't think it was presented well enough for viewers to understand, so I have re-posted.
(Delete his one, ~No offence "DrDestructo" but I am the new Dr around here).
Take a wonder over to the Dr's Idea page... click here.


I’m colour-blind and I know how my fellow colour-blind monsters feel when playing Grepolis.
-I cannot see the PACT members on the map.

-I cannot see who has what authority in the alliance.

-Finally, I can’t even see what is in this colour-blind test, so sorry if it’s explicit.

Why should us “disabled” (colour-blind) players have to click each alliance we PACT with, and assign a colour to that alliance reminding ourselves it’s a PACT?...
It’s happened in the past, where I had some PACT members turn Red (an enemy), on my screen they were still the PACT colour I assigned to them ~ So before anyone mentions this method, keep your mouth open, place super-glue on both your upper and bottom lip... Then firmly squeeze your lips together and keep them like that.
(You don’t understand how annoying these colour-blind aspects of the game really are.)

This won’t be very detailed, as we are in the 21st Century and EVERY game/EVERY thing online has a colour blindness enhancer, even games consoles! So Grepolis had better accept this idea, and get it passed through. “I cannot change how I see. You can change how I see it.” –I literally just came up with that quote myself (Brian Somerville, 2013). Go ahead and reference it... It rings FAME all over)

1. You click Settings

2. Under the “Games Settings” will be a colour blindness toggle on/off. (Tick the box if you’re disabled to colours, like me. Even if you’re not colour blind... you can still enjoy the colours I have and toggle it).

3. Enjoy your new Colour ENHANCED LIFESTYLE. And enjoy the game just like every “Normal” person out there has been for the past (goodness knows how many) years.

Visual Aids:
~Note, the colours used above will be different when InnoGames finally decides to listen to my idea. And help us Disabled colour watchers wannabe's as InnoGames would kidnly research the best colour for players to use. :p

We can actually SEE what's going on, as well as: locating targets, authorities, zoomed out map locations etc... just as easily as those which aren't colour blind!

Abuse Prevention:
Stops those nasty players which know I am colour blind sending me messages which are greens, yellows etc... making it harder for me to read.:supermad:

Get a colour-blindness enhancer to this 21st Century InnoGames GAME! Us premium members would like to SEE where our investment is going.


ALL MY CBP (Colour-Blind-People) OUT THERE +REP ME.
But seriously, if you agree with this idea, please +REP it helps.
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I'm not color blind, but I can appreciate that that there are a lot of people that are, so this get's a yes from me.


Definitely a yes from me. In my opinion every game needs to have accommodations of this type for players who are not able to see properly.
It can't be hard to implement, and it really needs doing.


It can't be hard to implement, and it really needs doing.
So please can this be lifted and developed into the game, as you have seen by the previous idea nothing has been done.

It's time for change.

I agree, it's not going to be a challenge to implement, and it needs doing right now... not in a month or a year, but within a couple of weeks.


I agree, it's not going to be a challenge to implement, and it needs doing right now... not in a month or a year, but within a couple of weeks.
Practically impossible.
First you need to pass this to get voted on, then there needs to be voted on...then passed to the devs who will only CONSIDER it before implementing, and then it will get in a monthly vote and then considered again. Then you have to wait for an update before it's really implemented. You'll have to wait just a little buddy.
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