In loving memory: MozzyLee


Hello folks, when I first started this game 11 years ago I never imagined I would one day pen a eulogy for a friend met through this community. Nevertheless, passing on is a fact of life, and as the passing of time brings new adventures, taking a moment to honor the memories of companions with whom we've shared our journey is a necessary experience.

On the morning of July 7th our dear @MozzyLee passed on from earth to boundaries unknowable. Anyone who played with Mozzy knew she was a guardian angel to her team - a prolific setter of trips and breaker of sieges. Mozzy would just as readily answer the call to sit grueling island front-lines as she would encourage her teammates to tackle overwhelming odds, regardless of outcome, if it meant the team came together. She loved her friends and team dearly.

Low and high-speed, with premades and from-scratch, with crowns in every game mode - few players are as accomplished as Mozzy. She leaves behind an enviable grep-legacy from which we have all benefited.

Note from her family: Mozzy's family wished to extend a note by which to remember her as a fiercely independent person. She is survived by a loving family, and a cat who loves to steal the neighbor's clothing. They have been assured her life and legacy will be acknowledged and celebrated by people from around the globe.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to honor the memory of our friend. In closing, I wish to share a charming poem written by @Klifford during en128 - her final campaign.

I once met a fighter named Moz
Who people believed was from Oz,
Support she would lend,
To the wrong city she'd send,
But its fine cos I think she was the boss

Love and best wishes from Bedtime Squad, Masterchiefs, House of Pain, and other affiliated alliances <3


This is a game we all come to play to escape Reality every now and then. If we lucky we meet some good people along the way. I personally in my 8 years of playing only met hand full of great people that I liked lol and I’m glad to say Mozzy was one of them. From first moment of playing with her on a front line I know I could sleep like a baby and have her watch my cities like they are hers lol. She was always about team first which you won’t find many great players be about most are selfish. Loved talking to her in private chats just as much as playing she would always put a smile on your face and wouldn’t beat around the bush with stuff. Always a Straight shooter! To finish Just wanted to say Rest In Peace I personally will miss you and this game will never be the same for me again without you around. if anyone played with you it’s hard to forget you as a enemy or a friend.


Anyone that knows me knows I don’t tend to post on forums.
However I would like to express my sorrow at this incredibly sad time for Mozzys friends and family.
She was a massive character on this silly game that we all spend too much time on.
The previous comments about her loyalty and dedication to her team are absolutely spot on and I can only second that, she approached things with an open mind and a wicked sense of humour.
I am grateful that we got to reconnect and play again recently,
Grepo will be a worse place without her and she will be greatly missed.
Rest in peace ❤️


Oh, Mozzy

Oh, Mozzy where have you gone?

"If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again."

Oh, Mozzy why have you left us

"Although it's difficult currently to see beyond the sorrow, looking back in memory will help comfort you tomorrow."

Oh, Mozzy I will miss your ever so sunny disposition and wonderful sense of humour. You always had the ability to make me smile

"When someone who always made you smile becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."

Oh, Mozzy tell us what we should do now. I think she would tell us this since this, to me, is how she always was

"In a world where you have a choice to be almost anything you want be kind."

To the Mozzy I knew, trusted and depended on

“I shall pass through this world but once.
If therefore, there be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing I can do, let me do it now:
let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Etienne de Grellet

Oh, Mozzy
Whilst I have to let you go now I will never forget you
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The first time I met Mozzy I watched her dirty cat a full city down to nothing within hours, I was both impressed and terrified. I decided that very moment if we were ever on opposite sides and she popped up beside me, I'd just instantly ghost lol.
I'm grateful for the fun times we had and will treasure these memories close to my heart forever.
May your new world be full of beauty and happiness, and you better save me a drink for when I join you!
Miss you Mozzy xx


I was so sad to hear this news .... I adored playing with Mozzy, my kiwi/aussie sis, thought she was just so cool. And an amazing team mate and co-leader. My thoughts to her kids, that she was so proud of, and the whanau in Grepolis who were close to her.
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I don't have words, other than to thank you for posting, @Klovn. I hope her family finds peace, and I will miss her. She had a great attitude in this silly game, which is really saying something with all the crazy people out there. I'm grateful to have finally played alongside her in 128... and really saddened that there will be no more "next time".

We'll miss you Mozzy.


You know how they say tragedy always brings people together? I can't think of another player in the Grepolis community who could unify all these different faces from different sides of the world, different allegiances and just generally different personalities.

Mozzy and I never really saw eye to eye, she's told me to "stop being a dick" more times than I can remember. I guess it makes it a bit more surreal, the same banter never happening again. No more of the one person who decided to always take it upon themselves to keep me grounded. I never had the honor of actually playing with Mozzy, working alongside them sure, but never on the same team. She's obviously loved and revered around here as much as anyone could ever wish for.

To all my friends in BTS, bearing the loss of a friend is never easy. I'm sure you all have enough fight in you to power through. Nothing but love from the Meme Machine and the rest of the Grepolis Community if I'm allowed to make that assumption.

Rest in Peace Mozzy.


"Trip dead. Are you ok?"

Well I guess we will not be okay anymore Mozzy ...

A great teammate, a great friend, always making the impossible to take care of her teammates. We had the pleasure to play with her for such a long time, so many good times. It won't be the same for sure any more.

Miss you Mozzy so much..
Rest in Peace


I had the pleasure of playing briefly with Mozzy on en113 and from that short time it was clear she was a kind and friendly teammate. I regret that I didn't have more time to play with her.

She will be missed by her BTS teammates and the community as a whole.

Rest in Peace Mozzy.