Incantation Circle 2019 Feedback Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
On October 23rd the Incantation Circle event will begin. Feel free to post any questions or feedback you have in this thread.


Its too easy to get heighened senses. Any mild golder can easily get one of these spells a day. and stock 10 of them after the event is over.


Unless you want me to write a check so you can buy all the recipes there is nothing i can do mate ;)


I need all the recipe of Incantation Circle 2019. Can ou help me?
Incantation can be bought for 50 gold. If you buy more than one a day then the price doubles. Same goes for buying the ingredients. They are correct in stating that each recipe is different for each player. If you do not buy gold, it is easy enough to trade for. Ask your "leader" or "mentor" for advise.