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punch drunk

Proposal: Change plague to cease all production instead of just 50% and increase the duration of it to the same as city protection.

Reason: It is the weakest, most useless attack spell - A waste of favor . I always shrug when it's cast on me as do most people. It's not even a nuisance once you have more than 1 city.

Details: A bolt from zeus hurts. A quake from Poseidon can really tear you up. Hades plague = Bahahahahahaha.. Make it a spell that can actually do some harm and not be totally useless.

Visual Aids: none needed

Balance: No other attack spells could be cast during the duration of plague.
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I wouldn't care too much either way. Like you, I laugh when plague is cast on me, and i'd probably still laugh even if this was implemented.


The three times I have had Plague on my city were when the screen jumped as I was casting Treasures of the Underworld.

I didn't even notice the Plague effects, just missed the favour <doh!>


Right now plague is by far the most useless spell out there, so any changes made to it would only be welcome.

Lil Ajax

It does need rethought

Compared to Happiness
120 favor
Resource boost 50%
Time 12 hours

250 favor
Resource penalty 50%
6 hours

Plague costs twice as much favor and has half the effect


Plague sounds like it should be really effective, but it's not much more than a minor annoyance. If it killed 10% of your forces or made them fight at 50% for 3 hours it would make more sense.

Zero Point

i quite like plague as it is as its a complete waste of favour and if its used on you a fine indicator of the skill level of your opponant.

spells like bolts and plague are at best tools for harrasment at this point but increasing the potence of plague could segnificantly alter the balance of attack verses defence as res production plays a vital role.

maybe that is part of the reason its set at its current values but im only speculating
The cool thing about when someone casts one on me is seeing that gnarly buzzard munching on an eyeball. A real improvement would be to not only cease all resource production but also prevent the recruiting of any troops or building of ships for the duration of the spell.

Rooster Jones

If nothing else, they should add to the Plague affects:

1. Due to the rampant illness in the city, militia is unavailable.

2. Land troops move at half speed, due to all the vomiting.

TCO 006

1. It should cost more (because of new effects listed bellow) - 300 favour so you can't cast it on more than 1 city
2. Full stop of resource production
3. Troops recruit 25 - 45% slower (server would randomly choose percentage)
4. Enlisting militia gives you only half of usual militia
5. Troops in that city fight with 10% less strenght
6. It should last 50% longer
7. No other positive spells can be casted on that city (like happines, pop growth, divinge sign, call of ocean...)

p.s. it would make Athena's City Protection very useful spell while city is about to get conuered/revolted
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