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  1. Zolen

    Zolen Guest

    founded on Pi 2011-03-23

    Originally started as a pre-made 4-man from the server Beta.

    Since the founding we have crushed all opposition in our path to the top, as well as made a few friends and brought over old friends from Beta.

    Quality players and fighters only the best are recognized and accepted.

    All will fall. Who will rise against?

    Recruitment is currently CLOSED.
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  2. Thanatos1994

    Thanatos1994 Guest

    to be honest with u dont really understand the point of you posting this
  3. Zolen

    Zolen Guest

    We exist?

    This isn't a recruitment forum it is an alliance forum.

    Maybe someone wants to know who the guys are that are crushing fools.

    Should i have all my members post bios? I think i may...
  4. Phears

    Phears Phrourach

    Oct 7, 2010
    Am i still your diplomat? I would like to post a bio :)
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  5. Masonbhoy

    Masonbhoy Guest

    zolen i have never heard so much crap, incubi are falling all because of VVV... we shall stand while incubi will fall
  6. Wannabee

    Wannabee Guest

    Wow, i mean wow! falling.. maybe falling over laughing my butt off.
  7. yowhatsup

    yowhatsup Guest

    Mason you and weebw/ehisnameis are delirious. We have had 3-4 players that have quit due to real life situations that HAPPEN to be in your area and you guys have started to eat their inactive cities. You still have yet to take a city from an active player. You didn't take a city off Jockie C until he was completely gone and done with Grepolis. So unless you hit your head hard on something VVV continue to be easy takes for us and you eat inactives. You can reply and justify how that indicates Incubi are falling and you are rising.

    Nisseonbeer and I have more battle points then your entire team. So keep kicking *** and taking names VVV.
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  8. Masonbhoy

    Masonbhoy Guest

    lol ok seems like i have hit a soft spot guy??? i have to correct you there Aogost was active when we took his cities off him.... but on another note i dont see any of you's 2 near us, are you's both scared? yo i see your settled in O54 beside the donks TGIE and AL who have lacked desent leaders for a long time... you happy taking cities off poor TGIE donks??? doesnt say much of you attacking little noob cities... and wannabee where are you hiding out????? hiding behind yo probably
  9. weebroon

    weebroon Guest

    the good old "they left" thing. jockie, aogost and jmartir all cs me recently, actions of players who are gone, yep sure. dont start bringing my name into it, i cleared them out when active. end of discussion.
  10. XSlor

    XSlor Guest

    So I'm just following the drama here... but why you dissing your own pact members?

    You guys have a Pact with "TGEI" <- can't stop loln at that... and with AL...

    This isn't exactly giving you guys credibility...
  11. Masonbhoy

    Masonbhoy Guest

    because i am against the pact and everyone knows that, i am not afraid to speak my mind, if diplomacy was up to me i would have no pacts only enemies :) after all it is a war game
  12. yowhatsup

    yowhatsup Guest

    Wee you didnt get cs by them recently as they havent been playing for quite some time. But since you asked we went at AL because they were putting up a fight for quite some time as we were talking VVV cities half asleep. So yea we went to fight AL because there was no fight with you as there still isn't. You guys are good at running your mouths in the forum but your grepo stats say jack squat. But you guys have a lot of forum bp...keep up the good work.
  13. Ahahahah, funny stuff!

    Bussy for a week, i come back and you guys make me laugh so hard!Thank you!

    Don´t BS JMartir and Aogost are mates, they are inactive for a long time!Don´t say more crap!
    If you guys are so good, and are kicking Incubi´s ***, try to come after active players!

    And send good attacks, not the crap that you have been sending!

    You guys are still alive cause WE LET YOU!You are to insignificant to worry!
  14. Wannabee

    Wannabee Guest

    Hiding? lol. I am where i want to be and will always be if desire and inside anywhere i focus on, as my stats show. VVV,AL,TGIE all have members that can attest to such.
  15. Zolen

    Zolen Guest

    VVV wants attention?
  16. Phears

    Phears Phrourach

    Oct 7, 2010
    Sounds like your threat to rim me zolen, empty... :p your problem is you rely on players quitting after you've taken a few of their cities, which works sometimes but when it doesnt work you guys just seem to give up.

    Your great players but you need to get some passion in your game.
  17. yowhatsup

    yowhatsup Guest

    Phears you continue to look like an idiot when you post. First, we don't expect anything...anyone that wants to fight and survive in this game clearly can, look at start brand new cities far far away from us to ensure you could. Second, it's not about giving up....we have had priorities and I've said it many times players like you are just a mouth in the forum not a threat in the game so we let you sim. AL had a great pickup letting you join, you do nothing....well almost nothing attacking Uni with 2000 swords was something...well done.
  18. Masonbhoy

    Masonbhoy Guest

    hey folks, incubi players i wasnt saying yous are all rubbish or newbs, just some... i do respect certain players but when asdos tried to take my N-55-02 the newb gave me over 10k bp without even scratching my wall :)

    plus he has my N-55-06 under seige right now (1600 pointer city) and he has sent in 23 waves of support lol the guy is a fool, and its players like him that give incubi a bad name... of course you's are the best in Pi but not all the players are the best thats what i was getting at, as for the rest of the players i mentioned the second you's start taking this game too serious is the second you's should quit... god cant you's have a little bit of banter without throwing your dummy (or pasifier) out of your pram?
  19. Phears

    Phears Phrourach

    Oct 7, 2010

    You really are a bigger idiot than i first thought Yo'. Incase you haven't noticed i've earnt my points rank in ABPs, and secondly i'm ranked 11th in defense, that means i've done more than just dodge the odd attack.

    You don't think i know not to attack with swords? Honestly i do pity you...i mean do you honestly think your the only one who knows how to play this game? The only thing you have over other players is time so it's about time you got over yourself.

    And another thing incase you haven't noticed yes i've moved further away from the core, can you blame me? But if you take a real close look you will see my cities to the north are only a couple hours away from northern Incubi territory and to the east i'm surrounded by several TEE members backed up by opportunistic Vikings, not such a simming wimp after all eh?

    Honestly after all the credit i give Incubi you turn around and start this BS? Atleast my opinions are honest and unbiast.
  20. aragorn595

    aragorn595 Guest

    I'm surprised that you guys still argue if phears is an idiot or not.... this arguement continues to make wasted time while a fight is underway in Pi you must come down here and argue this matter over. :rolleyes: Oh well now personally i don't care if Phears is an idiot or not. I think people or at least some that don't think before they say or at least leap into something without knowing the consequences is a personality that is sometimes missed in grepolis i personally could not have survived as a leader in Lambda if i haven't made my quick desicions