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As i said earlier i will be taking over AA's spot here due to his new job :) i will try to get as many interviews as possible from leaders and just average players im interested in both big alliances and small alliance news and will cover wars. yes a lot of this will be As Athens Burns affairs as i am the current leader there but i will diversify as much as possible the more stories you guys give the more i can diversify the news.

Today i have an interview from

Neogeo22 leader of Grimm Sleepers

Q:Is ithica your first world or no?


Q:Whats your favorite grepolis moment?

A: My favorite grepolis moment would be Having taken over a city with 1200 units and only having left 1 slinger. And of course I took the city!

Q:Grimm seems resoundingly loyal and confident despite the fact #1 and #2 are both on them everyday how does that make you feel to have such loyalty and commitment?

A: It is a HUGE boost of confidence. Having to be labeled an MRA alliance yet showing the world of Ithaca that we can stand together and be the #1 defending Alliance by miles! Encouraging and they (critics) can label all they want, hateres will be haters no matter what.

Q:How does leadership cope with being a DEB and AAB target?

A: We take it in strides. The World of Ithaca is to young and you can't let these two big powerhouses wear you down. I Also enjoy the challenge, it shows our commitment and it makes the game more interesting. If we sat back and rolled over, it just wouldn't be the same. Don't want to insult Spectre or Riot but that's pretty much what they did.

Q:Will Ithica be your last world or no?

A: No I enjoy the world of Knossos for the level 3 speed.

Q:And finally who are some key players to the success of your alliance thus far?

A: We have over a dozen key committed players. It is not one or two.

Q: one last thing what tips would you give to the less experianced players out there?

A: The game is more enjoyable if you don't turtle. Be active and willing to learn. Support those around you whether its through offense or defense. We all were noobs at one point, but we didn't get better unless we studied or researched the proper way to play the game.

Interview from Aggression Pays of Deus Ex Birema

Q: What is your favorite part of the game?

A: Basically the challenge, And to work along side some really great people... I have been playing grepo since world 3...And i still enjoy it as much as i did when i first started playing...Always up for learning something new and have done so in every world iv been in

Q: Is DEB the best alliance you've been with or is there another?

A: Yes i some ways Due to its size...DEB has been able to do some great things in this world this has alot to do with the team we have also very active players that all get along well with each other and help were ever thy can

So i think its a yes to that question

Q: What can you tell less experianced players on how they can improve and get better?

A: No point crying wy are you attacking me...This is a war game u have to work hard to get to the top and try and be as active as you can, meaning log on many times a day FARM FARM FARM

Q: Do you have any funny stories from your grepolis experiances you'd like to share?

A: just how many people over the 2 years iv played tell me i sleep with my mother father in many different ways always a crack up...Never take the game to seriously ... lmao

Q: And who do you feel are your greatest rivals right now?

A:Our selves If you cant keep your team happy then everything else falls around it... always try your best for your team no matter what happens...

Interview with WildLee of Dark Anarchy

Q: How do you explain the rapid rise in points?

A: Our leaders have been trimming members who aren't pulling their weight

Q: Is this your first world or no?

A: For most of us this is our first world, we're just all experienced gamers who love war games

Q: What is your favorite grepolis moment?

A: My favourite moment in Grepolis is when cheating multi players get banned :)

Q: Who are your greatest rivals right now?

A: We don't have anybody who we consider our rivals, we respect all Alliances with high BP

Q: Where do you see DA in a few months?

A: I see DA coming up in talks in World Forums

Q: What advice can you give to the less experiances alliances and players?

A: The best advice I can give is don't go to sleep (5 minute demands from 8 farming villages per Island

This week in war news: AAB and DEB are gaining ground against grimm sleepers having taken cities from several of their best players including Neogeo22, Zarig, and Jebeaus.

IGB and AAB have practically defeated the Odyessy having them fled to IGB, marathon world, or gone completely inactive save a few who have opted to go down with the ship after taking a pounding from both AAB and IGB over the past few weeks.

The Varangians are getting blitzed by As Athens Burns aswell having lost many cities over the past few days and only taking an inactive from them.

300 Bulls reacently took it in the chin from revolution and appear to be down for the count after losing a solid string of cities and their leader seemingly quitting.

Republica seems to have taken a few hits from New Model Army reacently but other than that is fairly solid.

Assassin Nation has a few losses but also seems fairly solid.

Dark Anarchy having come from seemingly nowhere is now on a roll with constant conquests in 2 weeks they've gone from 0 to 1.7m points.

Diplomacy: During the Odyssey collapse IGB and AAB got into it for a few days over refugees from Odyssey going to IGB a few unpleasent words were exchanged and a lot of arguing went on but both alliances went from the brink of war to back to good relations upon several compramises and agreements.

Any other weekly stories? or interviews desired? message me in game and i will do my best to cover the story. :)
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