ingame index/pins


1) title: in game city icons for enemies
summary: easy way to keep track of every enemy city and have a better vision on the map using either ingame icons or the same that diotools provides
description: grepolis is a strategy game and knowing what enemies have in all their cities can help a lot both to hit them while they sleep and to have a better and stronger strategy in red islands.
reasons: right now it is really hard and "slow" to do properly, but if players could pin every enemy city on the map, then it would be much easier to discuss what strategy to take. for example if i know enemies have 10 lightship nukes around me i know i need a lot of birs to hold the sieges. a lot of people now use grepointel to index everything but even that isn't really good. dio tools help keeping track of my cities on the map, i think it would be nice to have the same for enemies.

2) title: plan heroes on attack planner
summary: new icon in the attack planner to select your hero and plan it
description: a similar simulator icon so we can choose our hero and plan it in our attacks. in case of atalanta it would be nice if travel time gets fixed but that isn't the most important part in my opinion.
reason: this would help a lot when you need to time your attacks and supports. selecting the hero every time is really slow

3) title: autoselect ships and automated troop counter
summary: new icon in attack and support tab to automatically select the needed number of ships and/or add/remove troops
description: this update would be as easy as opening attack planner. when we use attack planner, the game knows how many units we can send and how many ships we need. we can then click either the ship icon or the unit count and plan is ready to go
reasons: it would improve the quality of life of the game. this isn't anything "new" as it is already part of the game, but when you need to send supports from all your account and you have a lot of cities you need to waste a lot of time if your ships-unit ratio isn't perfect.
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