Interviews - feedback thread


Grepolis Team
Ive opened this to allow you to feedback thoughts on the interview idea if you would like to and following the comment that the Interview thread is censored.

I made the thread no reply because there has been so much trolling and I want players to feel they can chat through their ideas and views without criticism. I'm enjoying talking to players and its a game - all views are valid.

If this thread opens up the players who have contributed to unpleasant comments then I will close it. I think everyone who has contributed has made a great contribution. I have several more in the pipeline but anyone else who would like to send one in is very welcome to.


Thanks - do you think we should extend it to other worlds? It takes time to do each one that's the only issue.
If you had the time that would be great.

It would be good if an extension focused on revolt worlds. That way you could gain the perspective of both halves of the community from one way or another.


They have certainly been interesting reads. Even though I am not playing Oreus I've enjoyed reading what players have had to say... most notably what they believe the game is lacking, what could be improved, etc... I appreciate the effort you putting in to know better your player base, and I think is definitely a step in the right direction :)
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I've enjoyed reading them and appreciate the time you're putting in, one thing I think could improve is your questions about game feedback. The first few I read all complained about gold and spam, these issues are widely discussed and I would rather read about other ways players think the game could improve.