Introduce yourself and your Alliance (Founders and leaders)


Hello everyone

Since no one else has taken take the initiative of posting a thread here i thought i'd start

So i thought it might be fun to get to know all the other founders, leaders and major players on this server, so i made this thread

I'll start,so my name in-game and here is Mottupomo. I come from the early servers of grepo, back in generation 1 (Version 1.0). I've played on Eta, Lota and Kappa primarily, Eta was my #1. I've been away a long time and decided to return to the game.

For a time i was a leader in the #5 alliance in Eta, until we merged into our long time allies, ranked 1st in that world

As for my alliance in this server, me and a friend (also a long time veteran) are making an alliance for other players like us. We are definitely not a MRA, but the opposite. We want only the best and most experienced players among us. If you are like-minded and want to join us, look us up in ocean 54

"We are Legion I, and like the a Roman legion, we will march victoriously through these islands of ancient Greece":pro:

J.n.c 1993

I remember you! I noticed your name pop up on my profile, I'm sure you can remember me ;) you was in "Somali Pirates" if I remember correctly.

And I also remember that... you never liked me HAHAHAHHA! :D

Good luck to you nevertheless Monty.