People of Helorus,

Welcome to the new world. On its first day, alliances have been made, wars declared, and mass invites have been merrily sent. The forum is abuzz with caffeine and gold; with people posting every minute. One thing I noticed was the numerous new players. We should have a place for the new and old to introduce themselves and get to know each other. So, I've created this thread to meet others. Think of it as eHarmony. Get to know others, meet your soulmate or even arch rival and all play the game together. Without further ado, I present to you:

the players of Grepolis.. :pro:


Hello, my name is Paul. I am in the army, almost been in 4 yrs. I am from NY, USA. I have played Grepolis for over a year now, and have been very successful in multiple alliances, as a founder, leader, and just regular player. I also Finished second in the latest speed world. I look forward to working with the great players in my current alliance and with many more good players that I am sure have rushed to this world for it's uncharacteristic settings! Good Luck to all and happy conkng!


Caes I would recommend removing your timezone from above. Nice to see you again after we won speed world.

My name is StrikeHard, I'll probably join this world under a new alias in a month's time, if not you'll find me under Strike, sors or crawler1. Until then you'll be seeing lame jokes and spam from me.


Awesome. smart idea to join late; my premades doing the same thing :p


I want to join now :p this is when you can insult people and be 90% right. Someone stood on my laptop and smashed the screen so I can't play. (There was a foot print on it)


Ingame name is Arlethus, you guys can call me Arlethus.

Been playing on Troy most recently and still am, before that on Omicron.

My time zone is: NO U

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Hi all, mmunite call me mm :)
I like to chat...a lot, so yep annoying spam from me probs :p

Been playing for what? 3 years about...started on Iota, settings are basically the same on this world...hmmm I think I'm just chilling :p


Hi I'm Gulio, you can call me G. I've been playing since Alpha... TW-S and I was a leader of Dixie Normous (true story) on Sigma. I'm a Single 31M, 190 lbs, 5'10, wear a suit to work, work one of the largest IT companies int the world, Run 6km a day, and recently single. I like long walks on the beach, can cook and clean...

Bohemond 1V

Hi I am Bohemond 1V

you can call me Boh...everyone has since Beta and the name has stuck!


I'm Darkwolf but everyone in my alliance has always called me DW for short so you guys can too :)


Hello I am Crazyhag12 and I am an alco ... wait wrong place.
I have screwing around with grepo for around 3/4 of a year.
Playing this world under the name General Disarray. Ussually I just lurk around the forums looking for entertainment.

Best of luck to all.


Hi im ______ and i come from _______ and i like my ladies _________ oh and im not playing this world ;)


You can call me Iced.
I started Grepo in late April and joined Ithaca as my first World. Have played a few worlds since with mixed success, but have learned every time.

I am here for the long haul, and plan to make this my main world for the foreseeable future.