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    I'm going to take this topic in a slightly different direction for kicks, giggles, and possibly intellectual insight. :eek:

    Question: "Is it really wrong to hit the vm button because of incoming attacks?"

    I remember back during the Borg-Rebel war I had incoming nearly every day for months. (Maybe that's why some of us are crazy now.) And I do remember hitting vm once because I needed a break. And yes, there WERE incoming attacks when I did so. Those attacks were why I needed a break. Go pick on someone else for just ONE week. Sheesh! I have no shame about hitting that vm button. Sure, I was also helping my fiance move into his new house at the time. Sure, I didn't have much access to the internet at the time. RL is always happening.

    Another thought: For me, I'm not going to waste VM if I don't think that my cities are actually going to be in danger. I had incoming attacks. Obviously, they were in danger. Even if you will only be gone for less than 24 hours, vm makes perfect sense if you know your city is in danger and you can't be there. That is what VM is there for.

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    Well I usually hit VM when I have no more beer to drink with my brothers in TDC...
  3. I moved this thread because i think it'll be an interesting discussion and so belongs here :p

    VM and whether or not it's cowardly has always been a point of contention between players - i look forward to seeing your views!
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    Jun 29, 2011
    Well, i hear you disk. That was pretty crazy with the rebels. I remember i took a trip to texas during that war. a bit of a frustrating time when i was on the plane. I never hit VM. Mainly because you guys got most of the fire and wanted to be able to send support. As for whether or not people should tap VM.... i don't really care. I mean, sometimes being attacked gets in the way of RL stuff. It is frustrating if you are the one attacking, but it can be a welcome break after a few months straight of attacks.