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    The poll for the update of the 1.0 worlds has come to an end. The survey results show that all the 1.0 worlds will be updated to the 2.0 system. How do you all feel about this?

    I don't know if they will also put the world wonders (WW) system here. I personally would love our world to stay the way it is. But if the world is to be updated, then I hope they won't apply the WW system to this world. Here is how the WW works (taken from Rho):

    The era of the World Wonders begins when the following requirements are fulfilled:
    The world has existed for more than 6 months.
    The total points of the top 50 alliances are at least 250 million.
    Each additional month after the 6 months reduces the required points by 13 million.

    World Wonders can only be erected on islands with cities that are owned by the same alliance. Each World Wonder can only be completed once in a world. But any number of these buildings can be under construction. However, only one Wonder of each type can be under construction within an alliance.
    The expansion takes place on 10 levels. To start the expansion on one level, all of the required resources have to be transported to the construction site. Once they're in place, the leader of the alliance can start the expansion. Players can accelerate each construction by using 400 favor from every god.

    If an alliance loses a city during the expansion, the construction is stopped and all of the used resources are lost. If an alliance loses all of its cities, the World Wonder is destroyed.

    Each completed World Wonder will result in a specific bonus for all players in the alliance. If an alliance owns four World Wonders, their builders go down in history as the victors.

    There's just a little difference there, I think the victor doesn't need 4 WW anymore, right now it's 7 to win I think, although the alliance who complete at least 4 WW will win awards. I personally don't want this system in Iota, our world is already too advanced, we have lots of islands full of members from the same alliance, so it wouldn't be hard to reach the WW. Moreover, the top alliances are impossible to catch up, and we can't just enter the enemy's WW islands when the alliances are already this strong.

    Share your thoughts here.

    By the way, I forgot to mention, but in the 2.0 system, you also get defensive bp from players you are supporting (if they get attacked)
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  2. Jennesis

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    Well, 2.0 is coming, in it's entirety, no if's and's or but's about it.

    So...WW will be here too.

    I'm not so much looking forward to that actually. On the one hand you could have alliances fighting each other to break wonder islands etc. but the reality is, everyone is gonna build their wonders in "super safe" spots and you'll have alliances shifting resources to building the wonders and that's all we'll do.

    This will work out well for the turtled alliances out there that already own entire islands and have little desire to do much other than farm and ship resources. Now they'll do it for WW instead of festivals.

    It's ironic that you have to become a sim player to unlock a hero world...
  3. XdeathcoreX

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    Well, even a weak player can join the hero world, the requirements are nothing special, even an inexperienced player can get in easily

    Basic Hero World Requirements:
    To qualify for Hero World entry, the player must earn the award “Heroic Tactician” Award.

    To obtain this award, a player will need to complete the following quests:
    Found at least 1 City
    Capture at least 1 City
    Cast 100 Divine Spells
    Achieve at least 20,000 points
    Earn at least 7,500 Battle Points

    So, imagine, a weak player, conquers 1 ghost city, it's still a conquest, so one requirement is already met, then he only needs to found a city, and a few spells, mainly wedding that only wastes 30 favor so that he can cast more per day. Then, with 3 cities (the ghost, the founded city, the main city), it's easy to get 20k points. Now, all that's left is 7,5k bp, the player just needs to either attack ghosts with units or inactive players. And there he goes to the hero world...
  4. the requirements are quite low. WWs will come to Iota. Loving DBP being shared though and some of the other features. As herb said in the other thread my only concern is it will be geared up more towards defensive play and I'm not liking colonising lol clearly 'turtle' players who colonise will be at an advantage with WWs.
  5. Payne

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    I may have to retire from Grepolis than. The 2.0 worlds give me too much of a headache from lag. We will see if I stay though. I've grown rather fond of Iota. lol.
  6. BDG2

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    Jun 29, 2011
    I agree with payne. If i wanted to play on a 2.0 world, i would have switched to that. I tried 2.0 worlds out and did not like them. But this one is going to be forced on us. We'll see. But I spent a year playing this game and am quite disappointed that now it is going to change. If the only option for grepolis is 2.0, then I probably won't be playing after this world is closed. The WW system is going to be a joke as well. So much for conqueriing your enemy.
  7. I joined Rho when that came out and hated 2.0. however I've since joined PSI and actually found myself liking it.

    Sharing DBP is good, the farming is so much easier imo and I find it easier to use on my mobile. I don't spend lots of money but I've not felt like i've suffered from that tbf. Clearly some players spend a load but it really does have to be a lot to make that much difference. My gold doesn't help loads.
  8. XdeathcoreX

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    I agree with you. If people want to play the 2.0 system, they can just join the 2.0 worlds, there are plenty of them with many who will still open. I also play in a 2.0 world, Rho, I like the 2.0 system, but it always has bugs and errors even if they resolve it, a new one always comes in, and sometimes the lag is terrible.
  9. LaBandolera

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    Well like the DBP, can't you share it? :p. Maybe hide some on treasure island, or at the end of the rainbow,;)
  10. najimur

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    i think the world wonders would be good :p

    i'm kinda lost on the update. when the update takes place we all start fresh?
  11. Karel Wakzalver

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    Nov 10, 2011
    Why would they be good? What do you know of 2.0?
  12. IceBlade

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    Ok here's my input...

    I think the upgrade to 2.0 has been a long anticipated process. Once they finally upgrade the worlds from 1.26 to 2.x I am ALMOST confident that Innogames will have minimized the buggy system.

    However, in my personal and brutally honest opinion, I think the whole World Wonder thing is a joke. The main focus of the game will no longer be to conquer your opponents and become the best alliance, but to have islands massively "turtled up" so you can sit there and build wonders all day long without having to bomb the guy 3 islands over for looking at you sideways. It just doesn't make sense to me...

    It's a shame to know that several top players that I've played this game with for over a year will probably leave once this change is imposed because it will ultimately take away from the way we've grown to play this game to our liking. While MANY people in *TBA and THE CIRCLE and even Bad Company will not be affected by the defensive gameplay too much, "the attack" will no longer be as valuable as before, ESPECIALLY now that there are talks of DBP being shared between those supporting you. Stupid concept.

    All things considered, I think the new upgrade, in a nutshell, is a very long awaited... disappointment.
  13. Jennesis

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    Yeah, I'll be honest. I'm not looking forward to World wonders at all. I didn't like em when I first heard about them and I've not warmed to the idea. I like a lot of the other aspects of 2.0 and the shared DBP really is nice. I'm just really not looking forward to a world where we just log in to build wonders...which I fear is what this will become. Thing is...that's gonna be great for players like najimur that just want to log in and build a city. Now they can also build a world wonder.

    Wont' that be great. Hero world will unlock and the hero's will be the guys that didn't fight so much they can not fight so much there.
  14. BDG2

    BDG2 Phrourach

    Jun 29, 2011
    LOL, that is about the size of it. I especially like the part of working hard to get 50, 60, cities and more and be rewarded with a hero world where i get to start with three. That is awesome :heh:
  15. EnasEllinas

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    Ok I am a bit confused with one thing: the fact there is an "endgame".

    I am not too sure on this, but if we get 4/7 or 7/7 WWs then the world closes?

    Am I understanding this correctly? I have spent a year now building up to where I am, only to play for a bit then get booted out to start all over for what? The new god Artemis? All that ltime and work lost?

    I hope I am wrong I hope it is just some extra boosts and a title thingy but the overall world is not touched...

    I can even deal with the turtles... I already in my mind devised how to counter them... but to up and one day say oh hey the world is over then what is the point staying until then? I will not start on another world forI just do not want to go through the painstaking first 3months of building up...

    Someone tell me I am mis-understanding this crap

    I already know who will win the race to World Wonders in this world... It is plain as day (Onoqouy and Desilusion gratz on that) you arein perfect position with enough members. TDC and Bad Co will be second... so what is the incentive???
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  16. QCI TCG

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    The world will only end if one alliance has all 7 wonders and its not a case of we will 6 and bad co will have 6 there is only 7. So if we have 1 wonder and they have 6 they have to come and remove every player on that island to take it.

    my understanding is it will take months to build 1 wonder due to how much resources are needed (sounds boring i couldnt even build my first city past 7k) never mind 7. Also once hero world unlocks you will be able to join it just like any other world its not like you get picked up and dumped on some island with 3 citys.

    So overall it sounds boring building but i dont think it will be as easy as it sounds. Alliances will have to come up with new tactics and other alliances will have to counter these tactics etc so hopefully that will be the intreasting bit
  17. BDG2

    BDG2 Phrourach

    Jun 29, 2011

    My understanding of the hero world is that you start in that world with three cities of three different sizes. One big one on an island and two smaller ones on another. Is that correct?

    Here is an idea. Have the top 7 alliances all build a wonder. Then have at it from there. The winner is the one that can take the other six. That would keep up the aggressive spirit in Iota. Just a thought
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  18. apollo026

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    I myself am not to fond of the idea. I am not pleased that WW are coming. I don't mind any other 2.0 aspects and I actually enjoyed the new farming system. I have played Iota since August last year, right when it came out. It was my first world and I always enjoyed it the most. I am sad that it will be coming to an end in a little while time. If I wanted 2.0, I can go play 2.0, but I am displease it will change the Iota I know and love.
  19. I think that is more likely to happen tbh. I don't 1 alliance will get em all in the first go.
  20. XdeathcoreX

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    In a message grepolis sent, this was there:
    "When does a world end?
    The worlds do not end after 4 World wonders are completed by an alliance, it will continue. The next goal for the leading alliance will of course be to gain control of all 7 World Wonders. Once, and if they can achieve this, they will unlock the most prestigious award available in the game “Ruler of XXX”. This will be visible on the player’s profile.

    The Worlds will continue to stay open until the next hero world is launched. Then the worlds will be assessed for activity. It is not our intention to take away the hard earned cities and armies our players have developed. If a world’s active users fall below the limit of 1000, the endgame for the world will be ushered in. The players then have the chance fight their final battles and wars for another 4 weeks. The countdown will be displayed in game. Once it ends, the world will also come to an end and close."

    I'm still a bit confused even after this message though

    What do you mean? I'm not sure if you mean this, but are you saying that there are only 7 world wonders overall, or are you saying that to stop an alliance who has 6 WW from winning is to take one city in their WW islands?