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    There are only 7 World Wonders in total. This means, if Phenomenon chose to build one, UNT can not build that same wonder, nor can D12 or *TBA or TDC... Each one would be different... At least, that's my understanding of it...

    It makes sense if you wanted to extend the gameplay on a world for another 2 years as long as the activity doesn't diminish, but I still loathe the idea of taking away all this time to start all over again. It's kind of like, we didn't all jump on the 2.0 wagon when it came out... so eventually we will be pushed into it whether we like it or not.
  2. I agree with the masses here, world wonders will be best for those who turtle up. We all know we can counter or crack a turtle, but how stupid to promote the easiest type of gameplay. I don't think IOTA will have any alliance building 4 wonders any time soon... Also the fact that attackers now have even MORE work to do (cracking wonder islands) which increases the difficulty of the hardest type of gameplay (attacking) while making stacking that much easier and profitable for all... just not sure. I hope it doesn't spoil everything, I'll stick around to see and hope for the best. I spent too much time here to just walk away without trying it first.

    I do like the farming system though, and using the merchant can allow for fast rebuilding and mythical units without spending favor (just a sh!tload of silver). Also, hero worlds do look cool with larger farms, ability to loot favor, faster CS, etc. I guess its some good some bad.
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    No, that's wrong. Each alliance can build up to 7 world wonders. So if pheno builds 5 WW, UNT can still build 5 at the same time, not sure I'm explaining this well.
  4. I'm not going to argue for or against 2.0 in 1.26 worlds, but i would like to just say this one thing, hopefully it'll keep the discussion going too.

    I was under the impression that you would keep all cities and alliances you already have when the update is made, and then the 'Restart' was only for those who go to the hero world?
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    To my understanding that is correct.
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    when 2.0 comes it will basicly change the reason for grepolis it cahnge from an offennsive to a defensive game

    is their a way we can stop the update for lota?
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    I doubt it, Innogames took the poll and the majority said make it 2.0, as much as I would like them to keep it 1.26 I doubt they will.
  8. Nope. Maybe some sort of natural disaster? But that would most likely just take IOTA down, not save it from 2.0 :)

    I understand the same thing. The update will basically be a GUI update/front end makeover.. The city locations/counts/gods/etc will be the same. Also, the hero world will be a new world, not a replacement from IOTA until we drop below 1000 active players.. so players who earn hero world will be able to create a new account on the hero world server, keeping the IOTA account in tact and playable.
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    Mar 23, 2010
    I would like to clear up a few things that I am seeing in this thread:

    First: In terms of what is being introduced to the 1.26 Worlds from 2.0 are: Wonders, Hades, Farming, Trader, and the GUI. Those are the only features. There will be no introduction of the troop reduction feature, and I am not sure about the Shared DBP, though I can look into this.

    Second: There are only a total of 7 Wonders that can be built. Only 7, no more. So alliance A and alliance B can both be in the process of building Wonder X, but only one of the alliances can finish it. Therefore, it is in each alliance's interest to delay and sabotage these wonders as best as they can. The easiest way to do so is by conquering a city on that island.

    Third: Only 4 of the 7 Wonders are needed to open the Hero World for Iota. This will run in parallel to Iota, and so you will be able to play both worlds. Iota will not reset or end once the Hero World is open.

    I think that is just about it for what I saw, Mods, if you are unsure of how something is going to be implemented or just don't know the answer...ask me and if I don't know, I will find out. Players, I hope this answers some of your questions. I'm sure you have more, please ask. I am more than willing to answer.
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    Do we even meet the criteria for the min of 250mil points from the top 50 alliances I doubt we are past 200mil total (this is a guesstimation from grepostats)
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    214,707,846 that is the total points for our world top 50. I think we will have to reach it. Each month after it starts is will go down 13 million though.
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    When it happens I'll give this 2.0 one last go. If I still lag too much and get more headaches, I will have to bid a tearful farewell to grepolis. As I said, I've grown rather fond of Iota, and it will be a bit tough to leave it.
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    Wait a minute. I was under the impression that it was an "all or nothing" update. That we'd get all of the 2.0 features or none at all.

    So, why won't we be getting shared DBP? That's one of the nicest, and most sought after features of 2.0 that 1.x world players have been advocating for over the long...year? I realize you said you're not sure but I"m honestly surprised this is even a question. I hope inno isn't going to force WW down our throats and not give us that one.

    /me scratches head and wishes for clarity.
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    Well i have a question about when the wonders will start. Cause this world is all ready quiet old and although we still dont meet 250m point mark if this was an original 2.0 world we would all ready be into the WW phase due to the length of time.

    So will WW start as soon as the update or will we have to wait several months for point min to drop?
  15. Some of the features aren't all 2.0 worlds. for instance the troop cutting is PSI onwards.


    Well if I can say my 2cents here without you-all Bashing me because you see my NAME, LOL.

    Any way, The way I see this might go two ways. May bring Iota to life again or may bring it to a stop, reason is WW might get ppl back Active in game to help out and build the first Wonder for their Alliance down side to that is may not be no ingame fighting because every-one will be trying to Build a Wonder before the next one dose.

    Now Iota may end not by having the 7 WW's by one Alliance but, by the drop off of players-playing.

    WW's, I don't really see one Alliance getting all 7 WW's in the next 3-4 yrs down the road if in that time. So say TDC builds 1 in OC57, DD builds 1 in OC34, UNT builds 1 in OC56, BC builds 1 in OC67, in order to get them you have to have 7 out of 7 in order to win that world you will have to take every city of the last WW Island if your Alliance has 6 of the 7 WW in my eyes I do see alot of Pacts starting to un-pact from each other in order to start taking the WW from each other, so this may spark alot of front line fighting in order to get closer to the Island that has the WW being Build or to try and take that Island that dose have a WW on it.

    So say UNT has 6 of 7 and DD has 1 that pact will drop because UNT will go to war with DD in order to get the last WW they have, same as with TDC and BC or if they take the Top members of each Alliance and make one Alliance but, as I said I really don't see one Alliance any time soon having all 7 WW.
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    So there can only be 7 wonders in total, in Iota? If understand this right, then it might make things more fun, if we all have to fight to get the "X world wonder". But it will be pretty hard if we have to run across several oceans just to ruin the opposition's WW.
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    True...though I think troop cutting started with Chi. But shared DBP was implemented across all 2.0 worlds far as I know so there isn't any reason we shouldn't get it with the upgrade. can't. You don't even play Iota anymore so you don't get an opinion on anything here. I don't even know why you keep posting. Who cares what you think? You exited Iota in disgrace, weren't worth a dime as a player or strategist while you did play here, and the only people that like you and might be interested in what you have to say are the ones that believe your "I was framed I was framed" story. Send em a message or figure out how to use skype and chat them up about it or something. People are confused enough about how this update is going forward and the last thing we need are your pointless ramblings about this.

    I really don't see UNT going to war with DD over a wonder.
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    Any alliance can build a WW but only there is only 7 types and only 1 of each type can exist at any given time.

    So basically we can all build at the same time the first to complete it owns it and the other alliances can no longer build that type any resources put into it just go missing
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    So... You don't see yourself winning in a wonder world? That's interesting.