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    I'm not sure anyone can. This, honestly brings up a lot of questions that I'm sure we'll soon have answers to.

    1. You finish the wonder. One of the cities on your island is conquered. What happens? You conquer it back and gain control of the wonder back? Is the world at a stale mate now until you can get that one city back?

    2. Suppose the opposing alliance manages to gain control of all the cities on that island. Does the wonder now change hands? What has it been doing all this time you were conquering those cities...just hanging?

    3. Suppose the wonder we built is the gardens. While our gardens is under contest can the construction that was halted when our gardens was completed resume (assuming those partially completed wonders just sit there from that point forward)?

    4. Suppose a halted wonder can be continued if control of a previously completed wonder is in contest. What happens if the '2nd" gardens is completed before control of the "1st" gardens is settled. What happens to the first gardens?

    5. What if each alliance only completes 1-3 of the required wonders for hero world, and to gain control of the one you need to unlock hero worlds you have to jump across the ocean to conquer the whole island?

    I can think of a lot of ways things can play out. War with D12 over one wonder island might not be the most effective.

    I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens :)
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    Jenn, you really need to let go of the past and move forward.

    I was only trying to help out with the WW's because their are ppl asking the ? about the world ending if some-one gets 4 0f the 7 WW's and they go to HERO World and as you said it was "pointless" of the point of me saying that if UNT had 6 out the 7 WW's and DD had the 7th one UNT needed, it would come to a war between you 2 for UNT to win the World the same as TDC and BC.
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  3. If you want her to let go then maybe you should consider what she went through and admit that wasn't fair on her. Maybe I dunno even apologise :eek:

    Anyway back on topic. There are maybe question on WWs and Hero worlds yet to be answered yet I'm sure they will come to light over time. :)
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    Questions 1 and 2

    In order for an alliance to take control of a built wonder they need to conquer all the aposing alliances citys on that island once that has happend the control of the wonder moves to the new owners of the island.

    i am more instreasted in what happends if while building a wonder a player on the island quits the alliance or goes ghost. logically i would assume production halts.
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    Dumb idea but maybe we can get the top 7 alliances to build 1 wonder each to keep lota going and i have another ? what happens if a player goes ghost on a WW island?
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    you said it:rolleyes:
  7. One alliance won't get all 7. The alliance only needs 4 to open hero worlds, so I can't see why anyone would need to go on and build more.

    And whilst hero worlds seem exciting maybe some alliances will decide not to enter hero worlds or build WWs. Maybe all the turtles will go off building WWs and leave to go to hero worlds, leaving the main world with all the pros and some really good wars! I dunno but it's possible that something like that may happen.
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    We already have one world wonder here on IOTA. And its you Lozza :p
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    Yes, you are right about one Alliance not getting all 7 WW's and to be real I really don't see one Alliance getting 4 WW's anytime soon because if the top 5 Alliances build 1 WW each at the same time that only Leaves 2 WW's so this won't be as easy as ppl think of getting 4 WW's in order to open up the Hero World for their Alliance.
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    You my friend, I have to nominate for the cheesiest line award.

    No slight on you just wow. :D
  11. aww *hug*


    I'm a sucker for cheese ;) lol
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    I presume you can't add wonders by merging alliances :)

    The wonder thing is just an attempt to introduce more variation in the game and to let people contemplate on strategies (and it seems to work?). So in your conquest you might start pushing to different directions (it will take months).
    It does make a bigger difference if you start a world knowing there will wonders, or a 1.0 world that changes unexpectedly into a Wonder world.

    what to do to turn her into an even bigger wonder? Cheese might be a start yes (kidding)
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    well as long as they the island citys are all part of the new alliance and the WW is fully built this would work
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    Remarkable, so instead of fighting, you might contemplate of smart merging :(

    " Hi there, we of the turtle alliance like your wonder island, join us and share your wonders and we will rule Iota together"

    How exciting
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    haha what you think they would let me anywhere near diplomacy room, no no no last time that happend lane had to get a mo-hock and have evo shaved into his chest hair.

    i was answering your question

    Didnt want you feeling left out since you cant play anymore. So you turn that :( frown the right way round my son and if you like we can give you an update on whats happening in game as it happends
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    well, no problem bringing that up. I just thought posting from time to time would help keeping the forum alive. I have been offered a few nice accounts by now, tempting, but if I look at my agenda, it's really naah. it's almost 4 am and still writing proposals ;)
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    I play here and on one of the test servers and the test server has WW already being built, some (at least 1 or 2) are fully complete, you can build more then 1 so If an alliance builds "The Colossus of Rhodes" then anybody else can build it too. I hope that makes sense.
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    Well real life politics are just as fun so hopefully you enjoy that just as much. some of the others dont fancy you so much i just hate spelling your name lol
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    Just as I thought. So each of us can build the same WW
  20. A mod has already answered this. Why is false information still being posted?

    ONE of each Wonder. 7 total. No alliance can COMPLETE the same wonder, however they can all race to try. Only one of each wonder, per world, period.

    You can have 1,000 half built wonders of the same thing if you like, but they will be impossible to complete until the existing wonder of that type is destroyed by taking a city on the island holding the wonder.