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  1. Tyrion

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Yes, if the Wonder is completed before the city is conquered then it remains built but the Wonder will not be under anyone's control.

    It would change hands. The other alliance would then control it.

    If the Wonder is being built, and a city is conquered, then construction on that level stops and is reset to the last completed level (ie: Level 5 if working on Level 6). Once the island is regained, then work would resume on Level 6 again, but from the beginning.

    This is not possible. There can only be one of each Wonder in the world.

    Well, then you will just have to jump across the oceans to gain control of it.
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    How am i supposed to feed my turtles ;) lol

    But really, i hate the 2.0 world i wish we could do a petition.
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    Suppose that you are building the wonder at 1 island, 1 city per member at your alliance and than 1 guy rebels against your alliance and quit (he got 1 city at "Wonder Island") and suppose that the wonder build is 99% complet. What happen to the wonder?
  4. Tyrion

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    Mar 23, 2010
    The construction progress of the Wonder will be lost and you would be back at the last completed level. If the Wonder is at Level 9 and you are nearly complete with building Level 10, then all progress is lost and the Wonder will stay at Level 9 until the alliance controls the island again.
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    Thank you for the information Tyrion.
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    Are you able to tell what wonder another alliance is building by looking at an island, or is it a mystery until the wonder completes? Are wonders under construction visible to outsiders?