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  1. QCI, i hope that answers your question. The Diplomatic party from the Ithicans included The Crown Prince, The Abassador, a few shore-holding nobles and their retainers.
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    Why did you exclude your captain of the guards? being the face of the stregnth of your army's surely he should have been there?

    Captain what suspecions did you have?, aslo how do you know what the SGT was the cause of the destruction of your home? what actions did he do or didnt do that caused this?
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  3. The Captain of the guard is hardly a political necessity for diplomatic discussions. It would have been an insult to station my elite guards on such a meeting, I had merely the guards who stand at the door usually.
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    on second thoughts i can understand why you left him out i wouldnt want him there either :p

    (see i was leading to that punch line three messages ago ;) No offense captain)
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    Did it have anything to do with a mattress, 3 camels and a box of cereal, because if it does I have a good guess. :p
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    Captain what suspecions did you have?, aslo how do you know what the SGT was the cause of the destruction of your home? what actions did he do or didnt do that caused this?
  7. I'm affraid Payne has to step down as captain.. he's got some RL stuff going on. He sends his apologises Sapph
  8. That's a shame but i hope things sort themselves out in RL.

    We can leave it there if you like, or another could become captain.
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    well your majesty it would seem that our paths once more cross, its been a very long time sorry to hear about your exquisite city. Funny how these things just seem to happen.

    Did your daughter manage to come with you to iota she was meant to be meeting me for a game of shofts but word came to me that the city was gone, and how about that filthy commoner the captain i have no doubt he will have survived.
  10. Greetings Prince, As you can see our isle has arisen once more...but we are currently attempting to find out what happened.
    Our Captain felt ashamed for after his interrogation he felt he had not done enough, and he has presently gone into seclusion to evaluate his priorities.
    My Daughter is here, But why would she be playing a game with you?
  11. I'd never play games!
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    Majesty your daughter is 100% although we intended to play shofts, the real intention for that afternoon was to further strengthen the bond between our two kingdoms.

    When we were last on your city our talks which were not going so well ended abruptly with the arrival of your daughter after her daily spa session. the invite was meant to find some common ground
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    this is really confusing :S
  14. That's part of the fun - the trick is to find out what's happened.

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    Ask questions and try to work it out
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    now i am going to conquer your so called "kingdom" your kingdom is nothing but a mere spec of dust.

    is that ok?
  17. Nope, that's not the game. Please stay on topic.
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    ok i am very confused. i'll just stay out of it

    edit: i get it now

    my question is

    did atlantis sink because the structure of the ground underneath the city didnt have enough support to hold such a city.
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  19. No the ground was pretty solid
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    was there alot of fat people in the city? because they may have caused it.