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    I have a writing exercise that I hope both the people who are still playing, and the people who have finished playing on this server will take me up on. This server has been around for a while now, and I'd like to have one thread that embodies the experiences we have had with this crazy game, the good and the bad. (If there is already a thread like this somewhere else, let me know. I couldn't find one.)

    Here are the rules I want to use:
    1. Each person gets exactly one post. (I get two because this one doesn't count for my story!)
    2. You can update your original post.
    3. You cannot comment about anybody else's post in this thread. If you would like to comment in a different thread, that is up to you.

    Here are some ideas of things to write about:
    • Why did you start playing on Iota?
    • What was your first alliance like?
    • Who out of all of the people you've met stand out to you? Why?
    • How did you get to where you are right now?
    • What was your best moment and worst moment?
    • How do Grepolis and real life get along for you?

    You can be as serious or as goofy as you want. Just make it be "you".
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    Disketeer: The Chatterbox

    I started playing on my birthday in 2011 when my sister (kimi.ranger, alliance... Templars?) told me about this game she had been playing for a while. My friend Parridus was wishing me a happy birthday and I got him to start playing too. All three of us were separated by several oceans. A few months later, my sister had to quit to focus on her final semester. By then I had been assimilated into Borg, the rulers of ocean 73.

    The Borg leaders were Great Sir Tom II and Ferris002, though everyone identified Borg as "Tom's alliance". Tom was hard, stubborn, paranoid, and an experienced player. Ferris was easy going and a great fighter. Dejanvele showed me how to grow faster, as I only had a couple cities at the time. BDG2 was the most bloodthirsty and became a leader with me later on. At the time, I was unemployed and had a lot of time on my hands. I became the communicator. It really is what I was best at, and I became good friends with the actives.

    Even though we were a rim alliance, we cut our teeth on every other alliance that existed in our ocean. Our alliance's root message was that we owned 73. If there was one word that summarized Borg, it would be "possessive." Evo was enormous at the time, and Tom wanted us to be prepared. We learned a lot from fighting good defenders like rfalcon and seeker, but we made a lot of enemies too.

    Tom had become increasingly inactive. By now Ferris, BDG2, and myself were running everything, and we had picked up littleheffa (my island neighbor), rekoj (the joker), hobbitual (former enemy, fun friend), and LexLouther (the rookie). We were also noticing that a certain alliance was taking up strategic positions around our southern border. We asked questions and got perplexing answers.

    Finally Last Rites attacked Tom's cities and revealed that they were enemies of his from a long time ago. The Rebels (formerly allies) got involved and demanded that we turn Tom over for Last Rites' revenge. We refused on principle and entered a war that lived longer than Evo.

    As far as wars go, this one seemed friendly to me. I sort of knew several of the people we were fighting, as we had fought on the same side before. I got to know them better, and found out how much fun it was to be able to joke with the people you were fighting against, rather than your enemy just being a name.

    The Rebels well outnumbered us in active players and we were slowly losing ground. IRL, I had moved to a differnt state, and was now employed and couldn't be as insane as before, meaning I couldn't organize events in the alliance the way I used to anymore. Evo collapsed and the old Brotherhood Elite members made a new alliance, Phenomenon. BDG2 had connections and we left Borg for our new home. (It was hard to call it Borg without Tom around.)

    IRL: I got engaged.

    Our war with the Rebels entered a new phase, where we were no longer the outnumbered ones. As we fought, 2.0 came out and the world wonder race started. Our start on the race was not really thought out too well. We were also engaged in a war that was using up a lot of our resources. We did the best we could, and even got in the lead with the lighthouse.

    Then Lex switched alliances. This was completely out of the blue to me. He had been very trusted and had cities on several wonders. The trust was gone for good, and so we began taking the cities. Christmas peace started and prevented us from finishing the job on the world wonder islands before Gianni's support arrived.

    Revenge was a more powerful driving force than anything motivating the war with the Rebels (now the Renegades), so we made our peace with the Renegades (who also had personal grievances against Lex) and waited for the peace to end. When the peace was over, Lex hit VM, and stayed there until ghosting his cities.

    I still consider the D12 war and now TDC to be current events, so my story stops here for now.

    IRL: The fiance would really like the Iota wonder race to hurry up and end so that I will stop playing. >.>
  3. Wish i could plus rep that post, but i have to spread some love around. Great thread - and a great story.
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    Alright, I seem to have some time for my story now :)

    I've started on Oct 2010 because of an add I saw on my Yahoo mail. The pictures of old Greek mythology got my attention immediately since I'm passionate in Archeology :). It was my first browser game. I was appointed somewhere in O67 on Iota on an island with many tiny cities. It took me a while to understand that those were real players :). I named my city Histria - after an ancient Greek colony in my country.
    One day I was playing with the Alliance menu. It told me to rather join an existing alliance then building one of my own and that high ranked alliances will surely not accept me. I didn't know what an alliance is.... I loved the name "Triton's Spear" and messaged their leader that I wanna join. And I joined.
    I was the first on the island with a blue colored flag.... The other players, with who I never talked probably got scared and somehow most of them joined an alliance name "Myrmidon's Elite". After a while I've got kicked from Triton's Spear(probably because I didn't know how to use alliance forum...). I've realized that I was in great danger with all those Myrmidons around. I then messaged their leader for a join. I've insisted that I have many allies on my island. They invited, I joined and disaster was incoming :)
    After joining Myrmidon's Elite I've started to communicate with my neighbors. They were good guys.

    One day I made a curious observation: on our little blue island a red dot appeared. After consulting with the other noobs we decided to destroy it...we lost all troops there. In about 1 week almost all island was red. The "Atlantic League" were after the Myrmidons. BBCue ordered our slaughter. Only I and Olaf85 remained on the island, attacks were coming like crazy.... Myrmidon's leadership left the game. We were transformed in "Ethernal Myrmidon". Soon after that the new leadership decided to merge us in 3 different alliances given our positions.

    I was appointed to "Gaeltracht Rage". Didn't like the name...
    I decided to message a friend that helped my earlyer with the attacks and I joined "The Olympians". given the bp I gained by defending my city (with some allies's help) I've built 2 more cities in O67 (Tomis, Apulum ab aeterno).
    My city Histria had fallen to LaboriusDiem. I was very sad. It is the only city I've lost in Grepolis. The Olympians decided to merge with "Remembrance".
    That's where I met Payne. He convinced BBQue to stop the attacks on me. I've found out Payne's story (maybe he'll write it here too) and decided to join the battle against Evolution and the mean princess Lozza :).

    My empire was growing by now but only by colonizations, no conquest. I've met good friends in Remembrance. Olaf got fully conquered by Atlantic League and quit playing. After a while I learned how to use the bigger map and I saw how far away I was from my friends in REM. Suddenly, my few REM neighbors switched to THE DEATH CRUSADERS.

    One day I logged on and saw I have an attack incoming in my city Sarmizegetusa I. It was from a TDC neighbor gabigabi. I also had an message from her telling me that it's not an real attack but she only wanna kill some troops. We've become friends :). I noticed her name is used in my country too but she told me she's from another Latin country on the other side of the world :). When all my friends in REM switched to TDC I've messaged her for an invite using dramatic lines like "My alliance is falling apart...", "I'm alone in this part of the world..."...She said I'm a lovely man. Short after Cenobites was messaging me about Evo threat I'm getting into by joining TDC. I've answered with a report of my attack on an Evo player. I've got invited right away.
    I understood that TDC was in Bad Company coalition with AL so I forgiven them for taking my city (deep inside I never did)...

    My story in TDC had great sides and sad sides. I was warmly welcomed in the family, under the big protection of the lovely lady I met earlier. I've met a bunch of great players and got integrated in the family very fast.
    The most ugly part of the story comes when Cenobites got attack-able ban and all Evolution members started to attack his cities. We were all desperately and blindly defending his cities. He lost a couple. Gabi was very sad. We were all very sad. Combined with some mean comments from HerballyEnchanced Gabi decided to quit. It was the saddest day I had in Grepolis to see the most happy and kind Queen of TDC quit. Cenobites returned later and decided to quit too.

    That's when I had to start my propaganda. I had to keep the alliance alive. I didn't want to lose my family that I've started to love so much. New leaders arises. Cenobites account was given to a good friend by regulamentary actions. I've given the new Cenobites all my support. There were tough times. Only 4 members remained active on the forum.
    Suddenly Cenobites did a very clever move and merged a bigger alliance into TDC (Sorry I really don't remember the name). We were back in the game but all alone since Bad Company collapsed to inactivity. Given the inactivity of AL I've recovered my city Histria.

    WW's era started. We were already the second alliance in the world. We had hard times moralizing the people to send but many picked up the call and started sending resources. Our former Cenobites returned to the alliance under another name. The first WW we risen wasn't only a builder's victory but our victory as a reborn alliance. The other two came right after.

    The lost of our Tomb WW I'm not gonna discuss here.

    Given the possible Iota world end many crusaders decided to join Gythium. Some followed ManuForty in his Evolution alliance there(lately renamed The Valkyries). Other were to dedicated to our alliance name and pride and decided to form THE DEATH CRUSADERS there too.
    I'm honored to be it's leader now and I'm expecting all my brothers to follow up when Iota really ends.
    TDC name and honor will never be over. We've been trough many harsh times but we're still here. And we'll be as long as Grepolis exists.
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    Jun 29, 2011
    Well, Disk pretty much covered my story. I started playing after I saw an advertisement on hotmail. Was bored and thought I would check it out. I built my first city like a total noob. Had some nice shiny buildings and I think i built 1 of each soldier and ship. I had no idea that people could conquer your city. Rfalcon helped me work that one out. After I lost my first city, i got rimmed to my new home in 073. I got my friend Jay to play and we decided to try and figure out how to be really good. The rest is pretty much how disk described. This is the longest I have ever played one game. It will be a sad day when Iota ends. But, I met some cool people that have kept me playing after contemplating going ghost several times. Just can't leave my friends, LOL.
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    My Story....Let's make it short and sweet as I HATE explaining everything that went on..

    Chapter 1: "The Beginning" - Once upon a time there lived this Evony player...He decided to join Grepolis with a group of friends in World Alpha soon after opening it's gates. He doesn't really remember all the details as it was just a figment of his imagination. He soon left Alpha when they all thought Grepolis was boring, and decided to create a "new" beginning ...

    Chapter 2: "Beta!" - This new beginning was called "Beta"...He met a player named "LordPhawn" which he was close friends with and they started an alliance together. They grew quickly; however, a noob like himself can't do much without learning so soon after getting an alliance established and much talk with LordPhawn they decided to merge with "Wake of the Kraken" ..He loved the people ..(FateSaint, umm..several others although he can't remmeber). Soon after an all out argument with Cece WotK's Founder at the time several of WotK's top members decided to leave..Well that I did...Although not a top member..(Giggle)

    Chapter 3: "The New New Beginning" - He soon joined Iota whenever it opened..He created an alliance and of course like all noobs sent out mass requests although he did send a message with each invitation.. :p So they grew over time...Soon another small alliance merged with them...Where he met one of his closest friends in-game "swteeters". After much discussion they decided to disband the alliance and merge with LEGION or the Athenian Family..swteeters joined LEGION soon after the disband. He soon was faced with the decision of having to pick which alliance to be apart of..He soon decided,and contacted her asking if he could possibly join. She said of course and he was sent to "Athenian Elites". He soon realized he wanted to play and would prefer to be in the same alliance as swteeters so decided to move over to LEGION. He met a lot of other great people he know calls friends "Jennesis, HerballyEnhanced, etc, etc". :p Herb, swteeters, and himself had their fun back in the day although when the time came for LEGION and the Athenians to merge to form Evolution swteeters didn't want to leave LEGION. So he ended up leaving Grepolis all together along with some RL issues too that had to be taken care of. "The Evony player" figured that if swteeters quit and was really the only one in LEGION as small as he was or anywhere near he wouldn't have anyone to really play around with so he quit too..TDC devoured the cities between the two as soon as possible as that was a foothold for TDC to come into Evo's southern waters which they did...(Bad mistake on swteeters & his part for leaving) lol. Anyways...After much thought and RL settling he decided to come back where he currently plays in Iota in the alliance Phenomenon. Along with all his other alliances he has met a lot of great friends (Disk, Enas, Everton, Rekoj, etc, etc) ..He plans to finish Iota although he sometimes wishes it'd hurry up and end .. :D lol

    Anyways...That's the story of "The Evony Player's Grepolis History".

    Btw - He = Myself. :p lol

    That was bad...I'm sorry you had to read it.. :D I HATE story timee ! lol
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    I promised I would tell my story...
    It less good reading then you would think...
    But as I promised Disk I would ..I will...
    It was a dark and stormy night in a time of knights and dragons...

    I try to keep a low profile in the game.. only a few have ever talked to me... I do what I do and probably could be a better alliance member...

    I can say I have been through several alliances and was rimmed by the Borg.. eventually joining Borg at last minute before they rimmed me again...(sigh)

    I am tired of hearing of old alliances and players who have left... (I exclude people who have left for real life reasons).. But I hear of the players leaving because the defense is too strong now or this or that,.. I take it as a lack of skill and not knowing the intricacies of the game...(knowing the inside working of the numbers gives you a huge advantage) also a lack of character...

    The past is the past... WE are here on this server... We are the best players here... everyone else is a memory and do not matter anymore... will "they" come to help you when under attack...???

    At this level of play I find the players still here of exceptional talents... I must say and I hope everyone agrees... this is not about the game anymore... its about the "people" I play with... I will miss many when the server shuts down ... even some enemies...
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  8. Once upon a time around September 2010, There lived a silly young boy who decided to join facebook,
    after a while on there he noticed an ad on the Sidebar of Facebook and he ignored it, but then he saw many more of these ads and one time while looking on a link from FB he found out the ad was a game and the game was based around the Greek Gods, this got this little boy interested for he liked the Greek Myths,
    So he decided to give it a go. Once he signed up and chose a name (Poseiden-Rules) after many unsuccessful attempts of Poseidon and a typo he joined the recommended world "IOTA" he clicked on it and He landed on an Island in the ocean of o75.
    After going to the Public library back and forth he played the game building a little by little.
    After a while He started to get attacked by a player of the name sarah666, she had already got several more Cities on the island and off the island This little boy realized and learnt that. This boy didnt like having his city attacked and troops killed so he mailed this player (I half regret to say) Why are you Attacking me? Fortunately sarah666 took pity on this yound lad and helped him along and taught him a little about how to play the game. And around this time or a little after this boy had joined another world Which was called Nu (I wont go into much detail here as it isnt Iota) and Joined an Alliance called SAMCRO and Met a player called (D)StarCharlie7 and she taught him everything he knows know. :D
    After about a year or more This little boy's account grew and because of the kindness of sarah666 I found my way into Little Brother (after being in Eagle Eye [More reasons which i will not bore u with] and such) I then lost a city to gjcman and found out that could happen lol :heh:
    After the downfall of LB I think they merged into the Renegades, since i was a smallish player I was invited to Renegades II and Then the Age of the World Wonders Came and I was Put into Renegades.
    After about a year? or 6 months or so I became friends with some players Rooster, Bethlen (I hope :D) and some others I came to 19 cities and quit on the 21st/22nd (I think) of April 2012
    All the while going through worlds like Mu, Xi, Sigma and Coming to GYTHIUM
    I started this world because i wanted something different (Xi and Sigma I was continuing with about the same alliance)
    BUT I landed on an Island with some players called mid21 and kaligula 2801 Names Im sure you guys know I got a message from shrugs asking if i wanted to join Their Alliance "The Valkyries" and of couse I said yes I had seen shrugs before in Iota and trusted he would find a good alliance, and the alliance was filled with Grepo Veterans From Manu Forte to HerballyEnhanced to corvette1155 to ronaldb, I could go on,
    And here I am I am still standing from this Little Boy... Now, I am a Big Boy :D lol jks Im still a little Kid but thats the story of PR from little kid having no idea to long-term Grepo player (I am no Veteran though lol)

    Thanks For bearing with me Guys Im a terrible writer and my grades Prove it ;) PR
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    I started like many others by seeing an ad on some other website. I had been quite bored at the time so I decided why not? I first joined on a little island in O66. I am sorry to say I named my city Sparta :Angry:.

    I decided I wanted to create an alliance, so I did and invited every single person on my island. I actually got a few people to join when I got the message that would change my Grepolis experience forever.

    I recieved a message from Las Islas De Pertinax's founder asking to merge, they were top somewhere near the top of my ocean so I decided too. I learned much from Igorvragovic and Asterte88 who were leaders. Then Igor had RL issues and declared he had to leave. Asterte was left in charge but then went to join the Athenian family. I had not had enough points to follow her and a few others so I was left solo for quite some time trying to hold up Las Islas De pertinax by myself and a few other loyals.

    We help up for a few days before me and a friend Granvenado decided it was time to give it up. We were the only two left and had to go somewhere. Eventually he went to Evo and I went to a small alliance (ranked in the 30's) called Eagle Eye. I quickly made friends and started to get somewhat decent at the game. I eventually climbed the ranks in Eagle eye and got to Co-founder. The other Founder (-Hank-) and I were able to make something decent out of this once-small alliance.

    We continued doing well until we joined the coalition to help destroy Evolution. We were still small compared to AL and Evo so as you could imagine we did not help very much in the mission to destroy them. Eventually a player In Eagle eye told BBCue that we had no intention of helping AL and we were feeding Evo intel (Though that is not true, we did TRY to help). Eventually I was taken out and I quit grepo for several months, upon my return I found EE went into chaos after I was taken out and -Hank- merged what was left with some other alliance. When I returned Hank informed me he had recently been invited by Pepih to LoS, and he asked pepih if I could despite my low points and I was accepted. I have just recently gone inactive, but I will always remember everyone who helped me in my favorite world Iota.

    Thanks for reading!
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    CHAPTER 1.

    Hi, like many other players here i started off by seeing an add. I played with one player, who is still here and him and I created an alliance. just us 2 in 035 with the big DD or whoever they were at the time. i built my city up and sadly the player Mbmbmb98 left the game (he came back and is in remembrance :) . I then create Eagle Eye, though many like appolo refuse to accept that i was the creator. -hank- a good friend of mine joined and i made him a founder. Later on i being a noob and having no clue what i was doing went a bit crazy ^^, i put a great player who seriously hates me now ^^ appolo in charge with -hank- and from time to time i decided it would be fun to scream about inactives ^^. It didn't work so well :). So one day i joined some collition to take some people down and well i guess that was the down fall ^^. Hey, did i forget to mention i left EE like 5 times then rejoined ^^. I was a large noob. so after jumping alliances here and there ( i think i've jumped like 80? ^^) i joined DD. I was still trying to figure out how to press all these annoying buttons and learning this and that! By that time, they had all these op's i took part in them hitting people with archers...because of course i thought archers are better because they can kill from long distances ^^. Yep, i never truly understood why they died against slingers :) ... i do now ^^ well i never posted my attacks, cuss i had no clue how to! So they already thought i was a noob :) and i didn't follow orders. Also, by that time i had taken my friend Mbmbmb98 city :). So one day around summer time or spring i went on vacation. I posted in the forums and everything since i had learn how to do that :). i got back and found out i had no alliance. (course it took me a while. i figured it out once i saw the attacks :) All the big bad wolves of DD were attacking me....i'm thinking, gee what the ...beeeeppp did i do ^^ i emailed around, and well of course no one wanted to say why i got kicked :) finally Gianni told me i was "inactive" i said i posted on the forum i was going on vc. so in the end i lost 1 city, they would have taken the other but Gianni got em to leave that city alone until i got my new city (i got my first city back!!!) so i found a ghost town Gianni cleared it out, i sent a cs. and WALLA! i'm in 045
    i joined the top guys alliances and he was leaving and said to start eating him, so i tried and couldn't get past his defence. he left and i think i got a city..or 2

    CHAPTER 2.

    I'm in 045 without an alliance and being a noob like i am i went around asking random players (yes some who didn't even have alliances ^^ if i could join. I got the same answer pretty much, no. ) finnaly i got to TLOS, they let me in. i'm not sure how it happened but something happened and we became BP (black pearl), if anyone knows then pls do add on :) so in bp, i met 2 great players (3 later on) those players were my new buds. THE BASLISK, and ladyjane. THE BASLISK was a hard veteran who was the leader of athenian hiers or something and a crazy attacker. ladyjane was a girl and she was a great defender. Those two were unstoppable. We decided to set up a training camp for noobs. by this time THE BASLISK and i had become friends and he had taught me quite a lot. I was going to help him lead the alliance, which we named The Flying Dutchmen...umm yes, we did fly. so i became a squad leader and THE BASLISK the leader watching over me. I lead and he lead. He even set up a nifty hidden forums for me, and i got to ask him any diplomatic questions i wanted. He taught me diplomacy and i tried it out, will get to that soon. in my squad i had a very good player named Roman1998. i bossed him around a lot and kicked him under the bus. in essence i was making him the best ^^. He and I worked as a team with our other squad leaders and finnaly with the nod of a head from THE BASLISK we promoted him to co-squad leader :) i was so happy! i had my two best buds helping me out, and ladyjane keeping my cities clean from attacks. Then the storm not storm215 ;).

    CHAPTER 3. DD decided to declare an all out war onto us in 045. We got slaughtered lady jane went into vc mode came out and loss all her cities then went ghost. Bass, Roman, and I were fighting for our lives with other great defenders. i belive the only reason we didn't all die was because we had a few players who only had defense!!!!!! DD took over 046/045. our homes. that formed TLOS i believe christos who was friends with THE BASLISK stared it? (p.s some of my history might be jumbled up, so i could be really wrong sorry if i am!!) So next what happened was we stayed together through the war. and finnaly i worked on my diplomatic skills, i called on lord greg. who hardly slept ^^ we worked out that Roman, THE BASLISK, and I would move towards them and create a bro alliance. That we did and created a new alliance, we had just became the most hated people in iota. Every alliance wanted us for whatever reason, i believe bass had a history? FOR THE RECORD THAT HISTORY IS UNTRUE!!!!!! AND HE DID NOTHING WRONG ^^. So here are 2 150k players and one 400k or so player hated by almost everyone. Gregg burned us, well probs my fault (p.s greg is my friend now, and is sick :( so wish him well!) so we disbanded THE BASLISK proved himself worthy to DD and left therre. Making Roman, and I super super at him cuss we thought it was his fault etc; etc; ;) later on we joined the alliance league of knights became the rising. i met great players like sporteus, and DJR132. THE BASLISK came back and i tried to help out there, roman and i thoguht we could change everything. well...we did alright ^^, we took the name The fallen decendents of leonidas who was a friend of DJR and fell :( then we got seanypaj another friend of DJR and he was awesome!!!!!! so to cut to the end, we merged into DD and are fighting and fighting. and me the little noob is ranked 42 i believe in DBP and 100 something in ABP :) soo yep sorry for my spelling mistakes and my story if it was a lot off!
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    Against my better judgement because it seems many like to flame here. Writing this for I was asked too by a dear friend so it was decided... who really wants to disappoint their friends. It is a little bit of time and a look into one aspect of "how we came to be" and where we are at today... so here goes:

    Started the game back a bit late this is my first and really only server.

    Joined Doomsday... the leaders shortly after forming the alliance dropped off the face of the earth from attacks from Philosophy of War (POW) and Sovereign Guard. I am the last remaining player from Doomsday (I guess the alliance name spelled their actual doom lol)

    Recruited into POW Academy with my one 8k city. I really liked to attack, and bored with Defense. I was brought up into POW. Fought a few wars and were making a name for ourselves because we were fighting all the big alliances around us... boy we are some scrapers.

    Soon after POW and our a brother alliance SG1 merged into 3 alliances. The Brotherhood Elite (TBE), The Brotherhood Ultium (TBU) and The Brotherhood Academy (TBA) were formed. We still fought vs many of the big alliances The Myrmidons and Olympians even back then the Templars and Illuminates... Well we held our own and kept expanding through the members in these alliances until eventually they were refugeed (I know this is not a word but it works in the context) into Evo. and Evo..

    Well we did not take too kindly too that and sent envoys to Evo. and Evo.. to expel the refugees for we would NOT stop attacking, funny how bad blood makes the individual really blood-thirsty. Well our envoy's were ignored and I think we were even laughed at for Evo. and Evo.. were enormous and in their eyes we were just a pup. BOY was that a mistake. We garnered the attention of then all the heavy hitters from Evo. and Evo.. and were still gaining ground hand over fist. Which leads into the start of the downfall of The Brotherhood alliances, and seems the killer of most alliances really. See below:

    Inactivity! Well that was the start the true underlining culprit you see for it started animosity among some of the members which led to personal conflicts among some of it's members. Well these conflicts came to a head in the real heat of the war... where I was quitting the game because of the disrespect and infighting (no worries Ice I will not mention his name)... unfortunately many followed suit leaving the alliance exposed. Thus Evo saw it's opportunity to strike when the alliance was down and took it for a ride. Many good players then quit at this time. The remaining players still wanted to enjoy the game thus joining with the then enemy.

    30 days into my VM I start frequenting the message boards and am compelled to return... for Grepolis was really an itch that I HAD to scratch. Funny another close friend of mine who went into vm at the same time as me also could not live without scratching that itch so we both returned. Seeing many of our friends had joined Evo we wanted to play with our friends (this sounds bad but you get my jist). We (I think) were ever truly trusted by the Evo members but heck we were fighters and I guess respected.

    Heh who knew infighting would be the downfall of another big alliance... well you guessed it. Evo.. broke away from Evo. and formed into Underwater Ninja Tigers (UNT). Many from the Evo. banner flocked to UNT and they made a super alliance, they were concentrated in the south primarily, and most of the Northerners did not see a future so Evo. dies out and disbands, which again was the North oceans players.

    Here is the birth of Phenomenon, which was founded by the beginning of September of 2011 (not all too long ago). We started as the members of Evo. that did not want to join into some huge MRA... and were also very very displaced from them. The Borg at that time lost their leadership and joined in the cause. This caused animosity with many of the surrounding alliances. Well many of us were members of an alliances liked by few, but hated by many (even me at one time... maybe still do...). Then we bring on the wonderful members of The Borg since they were in the market of an alliance and behold we end up in another war vs quite a few alliances. So our members are mostly original TBE, Evo., and The Borg members that are in the North. These wars went on until something changed the game forever some say for better others say way worse...

    Grepolis 2.0 is born. With it many die... many really good and very missed people, like has happened through the course of this game. Well this starts the Wonders race. Well we still holding onto the old version kept fighting the way we had started.

    Well that game was over with and the landscape had changed. Now we needed to fight versus the other big alliances for it become a FFA for who would build the wonders first get to 4/7 and win the coveted title of blargy blarg. We quickly found out that we loathed building wonders. We wanted to be part of this Wonder business and the overall game but not at the cost of our "fun". So we ended up bringing the fight to whomever we deemed fit to take on. At the building game we failed miserably as stated before at the fighting aspect we excelled and it held way more excitement than flipping through cities feeding these things. So what do we do? We declare war on all other alliances that are leading the Wonders races. Dirty Dozen, The Death Crusaders, and The Syndicate. Those were the 1 - 2 - 3 alliances (respectively) at the time we were the forth. So off to war we shall go... our Motto: Wonder Destroyers. The first to fall was The Syndicate's Colossus of Rhodes... which allowed us to build it with ease. The second was The Tomb of Halcy (whatever)....

    We are still after busting up the other 5 wonders. Who knows if it will or can happen, but that is where the story reaches our "at live" stage. The rest is yet to be written...
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  12. crusnicXIII

    crusnicXIII Guest

    player : crusnicXIII
    Alliance : The CIRCLE

    I started in my first world IOTA ocean 67 with a city named "Jade Palace" and met a great player named Iz14, I was then rimmed a while later only to restart in ocean 77 with a new city I named "The GazettE" after one of my favorite bands along with the cities I conquered later on giving names such as "Alice Nine" and "L' Ark En Ciel"(which just had a fantastic world tour were in New York they sold out the seats in Madison Square Garden's main concert hall), not long after I re-began my friend Iz14 left IOTA, and I began to drift between alliances of my own creation and those of others willing to take me. I then landed in "The CIRCLE" were I then learned the game and conquered my first city on the same Island as me. since then I had always served as somewhat of a Vanguard for "The Circle" sending out all of me troops and LS to assist my allies in clearing the cities of EVO working together with my allies such as Loganos1, san sebastian(before he handed over his account), and DROKMA our leader. not long after I was promoted to leader status and assisted in the operation planning against EVO, I then moved north into oceans 76 and 66 continuing my attacks against EVO, but then 2.0 came around and everything died when it added to the complete defense style of Iota we then left one by one some like me leaving the world entirely or those like the person who took over san sebastians account and joined those of "Bad Co." and the like. This is all for now...
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  13. I started in the end of September 2010 in Eastern Ocean 67. I had started 2 other worlds with alliances I had founded, yet merged into larger alliances due to their larger, more intimidating players. This world I was determined I would not yield.

    I messaged as many players as I could around me to join my new alliance. Only 5% would join as most either joined enemies or allies. After the 5th day, I had only 12 players. And one was about to lose his main city to Scads, a player of EM III. And I hadn't a harbor at the time. How daft of me?!? I committed to not letting that happen again; always be prepared and expand only as my support expanded. Lesson number 1.

    Within a month's time, I had recruited 20+ players in Ocean 67 and neighboring Ocean 77. At that time, I was determined to build a coalition to help react and fight the academy that seized cities as they pleased in Ocean 67. That was October, and we were 10 times smaller than our foe, Myrmidon Elite III, much less pipsqueaks compared to their top 10 ranked brothers. We allied with the likes of The Slaughterers, Lion Gate, THE HIGH LORDS, Charlies Angels, and King Jonesy's bunch (my memory has failed me). We shared forums, but most importantly, the Atlantic forum. This support forum was critical to our success and I monitored it like a hawk. I built pegs and briremes as quickly as I could to help in anyway possible to stem ME III's advance east.

    But eventually an ME III player named Roadtrash took a city just 20 min from my own. I knew that although our entire alliance hadn't a second city, we would need to fight. I stayed up for a few long nights writing my first ever strategy and Op, called Operation Foothold. We would attempt to divert Roadtrash's forces to 4 other cities, including egami's, while attempting to take his largest city. Long story short, the Op failed because my timing was 15 min too late on the revolt attack, but skapone managed to take one of their players, James. At about the same time, this XxSyLissxX character decided to attempt to take hendiddy's city (founder of Lion Gate). I sent my briremes and nearly all of them were destroyed. In the forums it was chaos that we'd have to fight both ME III and THE DEATH CRUSADERS. We appeared doomed, but 3 nights later while trying to plan another Op, I sent two messages that changed the course of this war.

    One I sent to XxSyLissxX, a player with 5 more cities than my 1. I messaged him stating how I respected him, congratulated him on taking a ME III city, and asked if there was anyway we could earn their respect by fighting ME III. He said he was the "Grand Leader" of Ocean 67 and would have to bring it to CENOBITES and council. He also said he believed hendiddy to be a ME III spy and would rim him unless I could show some results.

    The second I sent to Roadtrash and said hello and congratulated him on beating us to the punch. At the time we talked about the Bama game and other silly stuff. He finished the conversation by saying how he respected our coordinated attacks.

    A few days later, we had our turning point. Roadtrash left ME III and in a few days, he joined us. The second Op was much more successful with us securing cities from hanzinho, angurai, and Peleg. But then, XxSyLissxX struck and took a city from Lion Gate's General Treskow, which was a huge blow to the coalition. Somehow I convinced Lion Gate and the rest that TDC would not attack them again while I revealed our success against ME III and future plans to XxSyLissxX, who forwarded it to CENOBITES. Eventually, they agreed to a NAP that guaranteed our sovereignty contingent on our fight against ME III. Soon after we got a pact with TDC, Lion Gate's leaders merged with us and King Jonesy's crew. And fight we did.

    Through the New Year, we lost 2 cities while expanding west taking dozens from Olaf17, holt0307, Ancient Evil, and their hopeless diplomat, Krakoo. But soon we found ourselves in the spotlight in the South. Our victories woken Merc98, the leader of Eternal Myrmidon I (name change) and the leader of LEGION II and players in Athenian Hammer in O67. Even Ubuk with THE HIVE got involved in attacking us. This meant we needed to not just destroy EM III, but take the fight to all four allied families that dominated the top 12 at the time: LEGION, Athenians, Myrmidons, and HIVE all the same, just as TDC had been doing for quite sometime. And we weren't ranked in the top 30 yet :D

    We decided to form a much larger coalition in early-January. While the likes of The Baslisk and the Olympians (another name change for the Myrmidon) formed the Iota Coalition resistance, we formed a smaller, tighter, more-trusted group of allies that shared a forum called 'SOUTH.' This forum had THE DEATH CRUSADERS, The Slaughterers, and at times, Little Brother, THE CIRCLE, Gaeltacht Rage, and some Delian League. From here, we coordinated Ops that removed Ubuk, madafrican, jpitre, ruudgame, and others from Ocean 67. We together helped TDC finally defeat the treacherous Blackguards in Ocean 57. There was only one direction to move: North.

    In early January, I received communicae from leaders of LEGION & Athenians (just before the merge), that my days were numbered and I was to be taken out. Also, when the rest of Lion Gate merged, the leader HNTM invited a close friend of his in Vietnam to join us named minhduc. Days after, an Athenian leader threatened minhduc into leaving our alliance. Soon after, the SOUTH coalition embarked on rimming Merc98 of the Olympians, which we succeeded til he jumped to Evolution III for safe-haven. On February 5th, we declared war on Evolution and all of its affiliates by attacking en masse property and jpitre. From their accounts, we sent more than 100 attacks at once on their cities. We captured 8 cities in 48 hrs before they went into vacation mode. That was the beginning of our invasion of Ocean 66.

    This process continued each weekend with my best friends in the game: skapone, surfero999, Roadtrash, egami, Krulnak, Notos, and Scads. And our awesome allies: CENOBITES, XxSyLissxX, gabigabi, Manu Forti, Raiden10, Vorrian, Chedog, CharlestheGrinningBoy and many others that I'm leaving out. We'd attack en masse, secure as many cities as we could before the player was in vacation mode. Before long, enemy players in Ocean 66 were taking vacation at random and progress slowed waiting for players to return from vm. When an alliance-wide vacation was taken when I stupidly hinted at another weekend Op on a shared HIVE forum, it was the final straw for my best attackers who left for more fair gaming pursuits. This was when Atlantic League lost its chance to win and the fault was my own.

    We continued to make progress til late May when I burned-out while trying to coordinate amongst 6-7 other alliances with Ops that were only 50% effective at best since we no longer had our best and most active players. Once my planning partner in crime was banned, I left for a two month hiatus and left the keys with a husband-wife team that were working both my alliance and Little Brother. I returned in August when I saw the husband-wife team went inactive and found the alliance near dissolution into TDC. I salvaged what was left, started some Ops which met failure with lack of participation. Then we had terrible inactivity along with our allies and I attempted one last desperate merge as 'Bad Company,' our long-time moniker for Atlantic League, THE DEATH CRUSADERS, and The Slaughterers. Then my best friend in Grepolis, XxSyLissxX, left the game and me heart-broken. Only 2 players remained from the core group and I was just tired. Just queuing ships and sending attacks became a chore, and I never cared for 2.0 or World Wonders. So I moved who I could to THE DEATH CRUSADERS and said goodbye in November.

    750 players passed through the walls of Atlantic League in just 13 months. In the first 12 months, we endured 0 name changes! LOL To those who I left and haven't returned to, I am deeply sorry. Countless friends, nearly all gone now, but not forgotten. There were so many more memories besides those mentioned above, but I can't fit that into a reasonable post. We had great times in the push for greatness, but in my mind, our dream was crushed long ago.

    Atlantic League
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  14. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    Well written BBCue, TDC is doing a bang up job of keeping it interesting here... maybe it can be time to continue the story with a "comeback"

    I am sure people are giving up accounts.

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  15. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    Nice story/recolection BBCUE/Bryan,and good memory you have.
    keep in touch and if you ever want to get back then i hope we can get you back to finish iota.
    Take care and is great too hear from you from all TDC.

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  16. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    Yeah BB you would be more then welcome back to help us plan some good OP's against Enas and his gang!
    Iota's on fire again!


    LOL, when I get time I'll white one may be A Long one, have alot to put down , LOL.
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  18. You certainly do. Its hard to pick which stories to cut to make the maximum size for a forum post.

    As for rejoining, my time here had passed long before World Wonders started. And I've never been much of a builder (ironic as that is what I am in RL). Got Ops going strong in Marathon, but this time I'm teaching other players how to execute them.

    I wish all you guys luck in your quest and more importantly, in RL.
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  19. nightfire25

    nightfire25 Guest

    i joined here way back in october 2010 in middle of ocean 75.
    initially i didnt know much about these games. i tried to start me own alliance but it failed.
    then greatsirtom tried to start an alliance and sent me a message to join them i joined their alliance.
    there i met very good people mainly shugiritis ,anapolis, chedog , mighty bubba and many others.
    at that time we were small and ocean 75 was mainly owned by the illuminati.
    they started attacking us and then we found that our leader great sir tom was just using the alliance to protect himself and everybody in the alliance got rebelious against him so we decided to form a seperate alliance.
    mighty bubba formed a new alliance named little brother and we all moved there a new begining chedog and shugiritis became the main leaders.
    even with our very small size we were able to hold against illuminati and that too nicely.
    then came many other friends like charles, hi12345 etc.
    we became allies with the circle and bod co in the south.
    at that time we have grown comparable to illuminati but then evolution was formed and we decided to start working together to prevent them from entering our ocean 75.
    then we came to know illuminati leader was also playing both sides just to prevent their alliance.
    che talked to princess lozza and we decided to start an op against him he ghosted his cities just at the start.
    then we again resumed our fight with evo.
    then came our sad phase many players quit the game due to rl including chedog.
    little brother literally broke with mainly only 4-5 active mems including me ,charles shug and few others.
    then shug also seperated due to lack of motivation and participation from members and made new alliance last rites.
    he then saw our earliest old enemy made new account by the name of greatsirtom2 and was leader of borg.
    he decided to go all the way from south 75 to 73 to destroy them and became allies with rebels.
    then came back chedog under the name of alinson in the rebels and then we started working together.
    then at the same time evo broke and there become the new alliance phenomenon.
    we made our new alliance renegades.
    then we there was a big fight against phenomenon and left over evo together.
    then again we were plagued by inactivity.
    finally we merged with pheno.
    little brother
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  20. Lane

    Lane Guest

    I don't remember a war between Pheno & Evo... (wonder) Evo would technically be called UNT to be exact at the time period. :)