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    sorry for the misunderstanding.
    i meant we were fighting with phenom and underwater ninja tiger together for a period of time.
  2. Chapter 1 : A New Beginning.

    Our story begins on a warm summer's evening on the sandy shores of a little known horseshoe island lost amid the vast waters of ocean 54.

    The eager young explorer's heavy iron boots splashed through the tiny waves as he lept from the bow of his turbo-charged trireme and waded ashore.

    Adjusting his feathered crown, he smiled a cocky smile. And sighed.

    He knew he was a long way from the silent shores of old Alpha... his birthplace... the seat of his first rise to power... but that no longer mattered... here was the world he had searched for... here was his home... here was the makings of his empire... here was his place in the sun.

    The core of Iota. The ninth world.

    Looking out upon the fast green land for a long moment he envisioned a great white city.... surrounded by a massive wall of stone... a dominating guard tower upon the coastline... beautiful & lively public baths... for his oft too dirty dirty subjects....

    He imagined an efficient and cruel barracks where the finest warriors in the world would train... an Academy where his erstwhile servants could learn how to be better, more efficient erstwhile servants...

    A neighborhood Agora... where his people could come to celebrate the glory of their mighty Lord Rooster... a farm and vast wheat fields... stretching into the distance... the bread of his people... the stomach of his army...

    Docks, where his powerful fleet would be built... endless light ships to carry the word of his deadly fist to the farthest shores of Iota.

    A silver mine... where a crazy little guy with a wheelbarrow can endlessly run out of, only to run right back into... a huge Senate building... where the fate of this world would be decided... and a 16 theater cineplex with an ice skating rink and candlepin bowling... with a food court that would hopefully have both a Taco Bell and an Orange Julius Caesar.

    His smile broadened... Here is where Rooster Manor shall rise. Here will be the birth place of the Eternal Empire of the Rooster.

    Thunder rumbled in the distance, under the darkening skies... a cold wind swept ashore... it seems the world itself feared what was to come.

    His face distorted amid the growing shadows and a flash of lightning, the Rooster barked out his orders... calling out to his Administrator, Merchant, High Priestess, Captain, Commander and Assistant Mall Manager... "Come" he commanded... "there is MUCH work to be done."
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    Rooster, Why do you have to be soo creative with a splash of comedy? You always seem to make me laugh.. :D lol

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