iPhone app can’t login unless on WiFi


Hey there,

I used to play this game years ago and the app worked fine. Redownload the game recently to start a new world and play it predominantly on my iPhone app.

If I’m using WiFi the game works fine but if I’m not on WiFi and jsut using my 4g (mobile data) the game won’t load it will go to a screen where the logo spins round for a minute then log me out. It the. Gives me the option to log back in but if I do that same thing happens again.

Tried deleting the app redownloading it, updated my phone for everything. Still won’t work.

Anyway to fix this issue or I’m gonna have to stop playing?

Silver Witch

I'm not sure about this. It could be related to the age of the phone. Do you have your phone updated with the latest software? If it works on wifi I think that means the game is working.